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Hot new release! Multitouch software Snowflake 4.3 including powerful new widgets

3 weeks ago we released the beta version of Snowflake Entertainment Plus, the 12 app add-on pack.


I'm happy to let you know, that we have now officially released the non beta version of Snowflake Entertainment Plus.

It can now be downloaded together with the hot new release of award-winning multitouch software product Snowflake 4.3.

Request your temporary evaluation license key today at no cost. Existing customers, resellers and partners can upgrade cost free.

I wanted to draw your attention specifically to 5 items, which I think you might particularly like in this new 4.3 release.

Non beta release of Snowflake Entertainment Plus
During the 3 weeks beta testing period we have refined the user experience of the 12 new add-on pack apps and removed any glitches we encountered.

This makes us now comfortable to label this new release as a non beta.

Twitter widget
With a couple of mouse clicks in the easy to use Configurator, you can customise the Twitter widget in the Snowflake home screen.

Keep visitors of your reception lobby or exhibition booth, up to date with the latest news from your corporate Twitter and preferred hashtags.


Stock market widget
Easily customise the Stock market widget on the Snowflake home screen, via the Configurator. This widget is ideal in business situations.


Weather widget
Does your corporation have multiple offices around the world? Then this widget is interesting to display the latest weather forecasts of any location around the world.

The widget be perfectly used for tourist info points and other points of interest.


Whiteboard file browser
We've added a file browsing functionality to Whiteboard. Now users can easily import their favourite image and photo content to discuss them on the fly and make annotations during group discussions and brainstorm sessions.

Below you find the complete change log / release notes:

- Upgraded the external FFmpeg library from version 0.8 to 2.1.3, increasing the stability of video and music content across the entire suite, as well as extended support for video and music formats
- Added Twitter widget to home screen
- Added Stock market widget to home screen (can be enabled in the Configurator)
- Added Weather widget to home (can be enabled in the Configurator)
- Added file browser to Whiteboard for easy import of images into the canvas
- Added ability to Browser to disable zoom pinch of virtual keyboard in Configurator
- Added ability to Browser to change the virtual keyboard size and default location in Configurator
- Added setting in Hotspot to disable the sidebar
- Added one finger aiming and shooting to Pool
- Added drag function to the Widgets in the Configurator for easier positioning
- Added option in Configurator to visually add the same app multiple times, instead of via XML
- Added an additional level to Labyrinth
- Added setting for the date in the Configurator for the Clock widget
- Added setting in Configurator to disable screensaver audio
- Added sounds to Aliens, Deflector, Pinball, Fussball, Quiz, Cards, Warp, Bugs, Slots, Zong, Froggy, Labyrinth, Bullseye and Couronne
- Fixed saving options for screen saver, background and custom menu layout in Configurator for Mac
- Fixed minor bugs in several Snowflake Entertainment Plus apps
- Fixed bug in Twitter
- Fixed bug in Whiteboard and Draw when loading saved drawings
- Fixed a bug relating to the Google Maps API
- Fixed UX corner menus/MyFeed
- Fixed bug related to custom menu when using TUIO
- Fixed Directories.txt in Media
- Improved UX in several Snowflake Entertainment Plus apps
- Improved UX in Connledge, Deflector, Media, Configurator, MyFeed, Runway, Froggy, Curling and Whiteboard
- Other general improvements and fixes

Snowflake has seen over 40 public releases in over 7 years of development. You can check out the long list of improvements in the change logs / release notes here.

We're looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Wishing our friends in the US a happy 4th of July.

Have a great weekend and enjoy this new release.

On behalf of the entire NUITEQ team,