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Customise Snowflake without programming

This video is a great example of how Snowflake can be customised, simply by changing backgrounds, images, colours and other content without the need of programming.

Create uniquely designed interactive solutions with your customers look and feel, using Snowflake.

This video shows the off the shelf apps like Media, Guestbook, Bugs, Airhockey, Hotspot, Youtube and Stacks, which are all part of Snowflake and they were given their own unique look and feel, to fit with the customers house style.

Yes thats right. It barely looks like Snowflake and thats exactly one of Snowflake's powers. Its a framework that lets designers unleash their creativity and make their experiences interactive and memorable.

"Stonehammer Geopark recently stood out at regional tourism consumer show because of our travelling exhibit! People loved the digital ballot and had great fun playing the geologically themed games. They will remember Stonehammer Geopark, mission accomplished. Ink Graphic Design's use of Snowflake is putting us at the forefront."

Gail Bremner - Executive Director