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Why C++ (Snowflake) over Flash - Performance and Stability

Every now and then we at NUITEQ get the question, what is the difference between C++ (Snowflake) and Flash based alternatives?

Our CTO shares his thoughts on that question below:

The main advantages to using Snowflake and developing in C++ over Flash are: Performance and Stability.

"Basically the one advantage to Flash is, that it is built to be easy to work with for designers and non-programmers to get started and build basic things. This is all good and well, but the runtime is slow and quite crashy. Also because you are limited to what the Flash runtime lets you do, you may eventually hit a wall as to what can be done with it. And when you do, you will need to basically start over from scratch, which can get seriously costly if you’ve invested a lot of time, energy and money into developing a Flash app.

Flash is also a technology that Adobe appears to be phasing out of its product groups, so it is not even guaranteed to be around in a few years from now. Flash for Android is not supported anymore, Flex development has stopped and Adobe themselves are developing tools that compete with Flash for the web side of things. Flash updates are now pretty much only related to dealing with the massive security holes that are regularly found in it. This means that bugs which make it crash or run really poorly in some situations, sit around for months or years without being touched."

Johan Larsson, CTO NUITEQ