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Snowflake 4.2 released including Snowflake Entertainment Plus beta (12 new apps)


Its Friday the 13th today, but we just made it your lucky day instead.


We are thrilled to let you know that we have released another great upgrade of Snowflake.


Multitouch software Snowflake version 4.2 is available now.


Included in this 4.2 upgrade, is the beta of a new product Snowflake Entertainment Plus, an 12 app add-on pack. These new apps can be purchased separately at only 199 EUR/269 USD and easily be added to existing Snowflake licenses.


To read more about Snowflake Entertainment Plus, the 12 app add-on pack, have a look here.


As always, customers, resellers and partners can upgrade cost free to the 4.2 version, at this location:



If you are interested in using the Snowflake Entertainment Plus beta apps with your existing license(s), please contact us, so that we can assist you with your order and upgrade your license to include these new apps.


4 extremely new cool things

Of all the great things we added to this 4.2 release, we want to highlight 4 of the coolest items in specific.

12 add-on apps (Snowflake Entertainment Plus beta)
This includes Bullseye, Couronne, Fussball, Labyrinth, Photobooth, Pinball, Pool (which contains Snooker, 8-ball & 9-ball), Quiz, Warp and Zong.

Due to popular demand, we developed the Quiz app. In the Configurator, you can add and edit your own questions and answers, as this app is fully customisable.

Custom menu layout
We already had this functionality available since Snowflake 2.2 several years back, to create custom menu layouts, but we have now added it to the Configurator. This way you can now easily drag and drop and adjust your custom menu layouts with a live preview.

Snowflake Configurator 2014-06-13 10-48-40 2014-06-13 10-48-48

MyFeed widget
In the Configurator, you can now also easily add your own custom text feed to Snowflake, that runs across the display. In addition to adding your own text, you can also load RSS feeds with for example the latest news from Google, CNN and other sources.

Clock widget
You can now easily change the clock widget settings in the Configurator.

Below you find the complete change log / release notes:

- Developed new apps for add-on pack Snowflake Entertainment Plus (beta): Bullseye, Couronne, Fussball, Labyrinth, Photobooth, Pinball, Pool, which contains Snooker, 8-ball, 9-ball, Quiz, Warp and Zong
- Added the Custom menu layout tool in the Configurator
- Added the MyFeed widget, which supports customisable text and RSS (including RSS 1.x, 2.x & Atom)
- Added the Clock widget and MyFeed widget settings to the Configurator
- Added option to quit apps with the corner menu in exclusive mode
- Added settings in Hotspot for dialog background and border color
- Added in Hotspot a hide floor switcher function when there is only one floor
- Added a timer feature to Puzzle
- Increased stability and performance with the upgrade from QT 5.2.1 to QT 5.3
- Improved interaction design of the corner menus when not in Toggle Mode
- Improved interaction design of the Configurator in various locations
- Improved interaction design of Cards
- Improved Audio Manager threading
- Improved Tap by increasing the difficulty level the longer you play
- Fixed an issue with translations in Configurator
- Fixed tiny visual in Froggy
- Fixed minor background change option in Deflector
- Fixed minor Carbon menu text color bug
- Fixed a bug in the Configurator when removing an app related to the app icon in Win8

As Snowflake Entertainment Plus is still in beta, we are keen to hear your feedback on how to improve it, before we release a more final version.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the world cup.

On behalf of the entire NUITEQ Team,