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Multitouch software Snowflake 4.1 released with powerful new features, upgrade cost free

2014-01-21 02.11.37 pm

For todays Snowflake 4.1 release, we wanted to include some powerful new features, in addition to general fixes and improvements.

3 features that you might find particularly interesting are:

- Added feature to set an app to launch instead of screensaver

Instead of launching a video after a certain amount of time of inactivity on the screen, as a screensaver, you can now also launch an application of your choice. This is ideal for when you want a certain application to be the default option when people walk up to a screen, if somebody hasn't interacted with the screen for a while.

- Added functionality to rotate windows individually

One of the new and absolutely industry unique features that we are extremely excited about introducing, is the capability to rotate application windows individually, which is ideal for true multi-user multitouch scenarios.

- Added welcome app as screensaver option

We added a beautiful welcome app as a screensaver option. This app is a clock and a weather widget at the same time. Of course you can easily customise the settings in the Configurator that comes pre-installed with Snowflake. For example change the location to the one of your preference, or change the temperature indicator from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Or of course change the background and the logo.


4.1 changelog/release notes
- Added feature to set an app to launch instead of screensaver
- Added functionality to rotate windows individually
- Added welcome app as screensaver option
- Fixed several tiny memory leaks
- Fixed rare crash in Draw
- Fixed several tiny bugs in Whiteboard, FX, Hotspot, Twitter, Tap and Snowdoku
- Updated content in 3d
- Updated settings in PDF
- Updated quit button settings for OS X

Snowflake 4.1 is now available for download for Windows 7/8/8.1, Mac OS X and Linux Ubuntu here and customers, resellers and partners can upgrade cost free.

If you have any feedback for us, then we would love to hear from you, as the input from Snowflake users is what drives our passion.

You can continue to expect quick turn around times for new updates and upgrades in the upcoming weeks, as we continue to strive to bring you the best possible Snowflake experience.

Thanks for your support.