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The honour of presenting NUITEQ to ambassadors

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure and honour to present NUITEQ to a delegation of 34 ambassadors and diplomats from countries all around the world, including Canada, Australia, Ireland, Kenya, Colombia, Indonesia and many others.

The delegation visited the Västerbotten region, during which they also swung by Skellefteå, to learn more about the Skellefteå municipality and investment opportunities in the region. Another goal was to learn more about several local companies that operate on a global scale.

We were in addition to North Kingdom and Explizit, invited to present our business and represent Skellefteå.

It was exciting to see how much interest was shown into what we do and it was rewarding to hear how impressed the audience was with what we have achieved throughout the years.

Its always a pleasure to meet people from all around the world and make meaningful connections.

On top of the fact that we made interesting connections, the dinner was absolutely amazing, so all in all, a great experience.