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Bam, another update - Snowflake 4.0.5 released

We just released Snowflake 4.0.5.

I know, it feels like we are on a roll :)

Snowflake 4.0.5 is now available for download here and customers, resellers and partners can update cost free.

From my personal perspective I believe that you will enjoy the even further improved Youtube app, as well as the ability to change any text inside Snowflake via the Configurator. Easy does it.

For people that are interested to evaluate Snowflake, we have improved the experience significantly for you, so we recommend you to check it out.

Below you find the change log / release notes:

- Added support for multiple parents in Connledge
- Added translation tab in Configurator for easy translations
- Added functionality in Configurator to change the default menu
- Fixed a minor glitch in Curling
- Fixed a bug for 3M touch screens on Win 7
- Improved translation capabilities in Airhockey
- Improved Youtube
- Improved the General design in the main menu, Annotate, Connledge and Aliens
- Improved the trial version experience :)

We always encourage you to use the latest version of Snowflake, for the most optimal performance.

If you have any feedback for us, then we would love to hear from you, as your input is what drives our passion.

You can continue to expect quick turn around times for new updates in the upcoming weeks, as we continue to strive to bring you the best possible Snowflake experience.

Thanks for your support.