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NUITEQ® unveils the new evolution in multitouch software with Snowflake 4

Santa Clara, California, USA/Skellefteå, Sweden – March 19, 2014 – NUITEQ®, the award winning multi-touch software developer, announced today, that it is launching its pioneering software product Snowflake 4. Together with Intel® Corporation, NUITEQ® will continue to build awareness for the multi-user, multi-touch enabled portable-all-in one PCs and applications, using Snowflake 4.

NUITEQ’s Snowflake ABC Suite is a fun, educational suite of interactive multi-touch applications designed to help children learn together while they play. NUITEQ’s Snowflake Entertainment Suite offers new innovative ways to collaborate and play with friends and family. NUITEQ’s Software Suites combined with the new portable AIO platforms allow consumers a new innovative experience in every household.

Intel-based portable AIOs have several key characteristics that promise to bring new opportunities and new experiences to consumers. Portable all-in-one PCs create innovative computing experiences with a screen recline mechanism that allows for vertical, reclined, and lay-flat uses. Multi-touch capability is delivered with a minimum of 10 touch points, and light mobility is supported with an onboard battery. With light mobility and lay-flat capabilities available, portable AIOs open the door to developing innovative new software like NUITEQ’s Snowflake Suites that will take full advantage of multi-touch, multi-user capabilities delivered on an immersive large-screen canvas.

NUITEQ and Intel are expanding the software for the portable AIO category, which is allowing families to all interact with the same device at the same time driving a new end-user experience.

“We are excited to showcase the uniqueness of the new portable AIO platforms through the innovative multi-user, multi-touch applications NUITEQ has enabled. The whole family can now easily enjoy a wide selection of entertainment and educational applications from the Snowflake Suites.” says Lisa Graff, VP at Intel.

The AIO segment continuously evolves and so will the needs of consumers for their personal computing experience. Intel and NUITEQ® are working together to ensure future innovations, such as Snowflake 4, are introduced to the market place.

“We are thrilled and proud to work with Intel. They are a proven world leader in computing innovation, so there is a great synergy with our vision to champion the natural use of technology.“, says Harry van der Veen, CEO of NUITEQ®. He continues, “Intel’s touch enabled AIO solutions in combination with the new Snowflake 4, offers their OEMs, ODMs and retailers an opportunity to deliver an even more memorable end user experience to consumers.”

“Delivering an amazing multi-touch user experience is what this relationship is really all about. We are extremely excited to work side by side with Intel® and leverage each other’s deep experience.”, says Dennis Mohi, Global Business Development Manager at NUITEQ®.

Snowflake Suite is used worldwide in over 60 countries in a wide variety of industries including Consumer Electronics, Public Spaces, Education, Entertainment, Exhibition/Events, Real Estate, Museums, Retail stores, Interactive advertising, Digital signage and other market verticals and segments.

Snowflake 4 is available now at http://nuiteq.com

NUITEQ® is an award-winning developer of multitouch software solutions for interactive touch displays. Its product Snowflake Suite, offers users a wide range of immersive and entertaining applications to experience the magic of multitouch technology. NUITEQ’s customers include OEMs, ODMs, Fortune 100 companies, system integrators and VARs. Its vision is to champion the natural use of technology.

Visit www.nuiteq.com for more information.

NUITEQ® and Natural User Interface® are registered trademarks of Natural User Interface Technologies AB.

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