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NUITEQ® launches Snowflake 4, seven years of multitouch software evolution

NUITEQ® launches Snowflake 4, seven years of multitouch software evolution

Skellefteå, Sweden – March 8, 2014 – NUITEQ®, the award winning multi-touch software developer, announced that it launched its pioneering software product Snowflake 4, in three flavours, Business, Entertainment and ABC.

Snowflake Business is a comprehensive selection of multitouch business tools, that helps companies to gain a competitive edge when presenting their business and products.

Snowflake Entertainment creates emotional connections between users and corporate brands in a memorable fashion.

Snowflake ABC is a fun edutainment suite for the younger minds, ideal for kids at early learning centres & pre-schools and a great solution for interactive kids corners in retail and public spaces.

“As one of the first multi touch pioneers, I wanted to change the way people interacted with technology. I wanted people to experience the true potential of human computer interaction, by making interfaces more natural and intuitive. That inspired us at NUITEQ, to create something truly magical.”, says Harry van der Veen, NUITEQ’s CEO.

Snowflake 4 is 7 years of multitouch software evolution. Significant aspects of the Snowflake code architecture, audio design, UX design and graphic design were newly created from scratch and a new range of apps are added.

NUITEQ’s CTO Johan Larsson adds: “Snowflake 4 is a giant leap forward. We completely rebuilt core components of the underlying architecture, to further improve stability and performance. On top of that, we designed an amazing new interface and the new Snowflake 4 Configurator gives users even more creative control.”

App graphics, including backgrounds, buttons, icons as well as the main Snowflake interface are newly designed from the ground up and the user experience has been improved significantly.

Several new apps are added across the different editions including Whiteboard, Twitter, Slider, Memory and Runway. Puzzle, Curling and Media have been completely rebuilt. The new version of Media has blazing fast loading content, increasing the performance even further.

New audio elements were designed to fit perfectly with the new Snowflake UX, which provides an even more complete and coherent multimedia experience.

Fresh new content has been included for all the apps, such as Media, Hotspot and others.

The new and improved Configurator makes it even easier for users to change content according to their wishes. Adding third party apps has been made even easier.

Zones is one of the hottest new capabilities of Snowflake 4, as it lets users experience a multitouch multi-user collaborative interface in a groundbreaking new way.

Furthermore a significant portion of feedback from customers and partners has been integrated in this latest Snowflake 4 release.

“Our customers are at the very heart of what we do.”, says NUITEQ’s Global Business Development Manager Dennis Mohi. He continues: “They benefit from our passion for customer support, years of experience and award winning product innovations. For system integrators and companies wanting to lift their brand, Snowflake 4 is the natural choice.”

NUITEQ® is an award-winning developer of multitouch software solutions for interactive touch displays. Its product Snowflake Suite, offers users a wide range of immersive and entertaining applications to experience the magic of multitouch technology. NUITEQ’s customers include AV system integrators, OEMs, ODMs, Fortune 100 companies and VARs. Its vision is to champion the natural use of technology.

Visit www.nuiteq.com for more information.

NUITEQ® and Natural User Interface® are registered trademarks of Natural User Interface Technologies AB.

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