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Multitouch software Snowflake 4 change log / release notes

Snowflake 4 is seven years of multitouch software evolution and the 37th release if this award-winning off the shelf product.

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Find the change log / release notes for Snowflake 4 below:

Snowflake 4 release notes 7 March 2014
- Created the Snowflake Business Edition
- Added Memory to Entertainment
- Added Runway to Entertainment
- Added Twitter to Business
- Added Whiteboard to Business
- Added Carbon menu layout
- Added fresh new PDF, video and image content to a wide range of applications
- Added Zones multi-user collaborative environment functionality
- Added audio to a wide range of applications, including the menu
- Designed new graphics for app icons, corner menus, buttons and backgrounds for all applications
- Redesigned UX for all apps
- Renamed several applications
- Rebuilt Slider from ground up
- Rebuilt Media (formerly Media Viewer) from the ground up
- Rebuilt Puzzle from ground up
- Rebuilt Configurator from ground up
- Upgraded to QT 5.2.1