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NUITEQ® sponsors MMA athlete Andreas “Real Steel” Ståhl for his UFC® debut

Skellefteå, Sweden – November 13, 2013 – NUITEQ®, the award winning multitouch software technology company, announced today that it has agreed to sponsor Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) athlete Andreas “Real Steel” Ståhl for his Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) debut in Brisbane in Australia on December 6th 2013.

MMA is the worlds fast growing sport, which entails a combination of several man to man combat sports including boxing, wrestling, ju jitsu and other disciplines.

The UFC® is the premier organisation in the world that promotes the competition between the most talented combat athletes.

Andreas Ståhl is born and raised in Skelleftehamn, a small village, 15 minutes outside of Skellefteå, the city where NUITEQ® is headquartered.

NUITEQ® strongly believes in supporting and giving back to the local community, so it felt like a unique opportunity to sponsor the 9-0 undefeated Swede.

“We are very excited and proud to be able to sponsor Andreas for his UFC® debut. Its the first time ever that a MMA athlete from this region signed a contract with the Premier League of combat sports.”, says Harry van der Veen, CEO at NUITEQ®. “Other than that, it is amazing to know that the NUITEQ® brand will be represented on an highly viewed platform as the UFC®, especially considering the interest of many our employees for this sport.”

“I'm looking forward to a good collaboration with NUITEQ®. I'm thankful that they help to create the right environment for me to pursue a MMA career in the UFC®.”, says Andreas Ståhl.

NUITEQ® is an award-winning developer of multitouch software solutions for interactive touch displays. Its product Snowflake Suite, which includes over 35 apps, is globally known for its high level of performance and stability as well as its ease to customise content. NUITEQ® customers include Fortune 100 companies, OEMs, system integrators and VARs. Its vision is to improve the way people interact with technology, by creating rich engaging user interfaces.

Visit www.nuiteq.com and www.snowflakesuite.com for more information.

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