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Video: Hackday project multiplayer multi-platform iOS game integrated with multitouch software Snowflake

NUITEQ's CTO Johan Larsson put together the below hackday project. You can read about two other hackday projects here and here.

The point of the game was that it is multiplayer and that it integrates with Snowflake to do something that is multi-platform.

Remember the rules of a NUITEQ hackday project:

- It has to be a rough crude prototype, so it doesn’t have to be flawless working finished end product
- Spend max 2 work days on the project
- Create a short 2-3 min crude video of the project to showcase the work
- Make sure to have fun and learn something new

Hackday project multiplayer multi-platform iOS game integrated with multitouch software Snowflake from multitouch software on Vimeo.

See Johans comments below:

The iOS game was made with Cocos2D. I considered using Kobold2D instead, but I already had Cocos2D installed for some older experiments. I am really glad I opted for an Objective-C game engine over a C++ one as it really helped me save a bunch of time and when it comes to mobile it's usually best to go as native as possible for the platform as then you can tap into the experience of others more easily.
The game is named FrozenSpace, which is a bad Snowflake in space pun.

Things I had originally planned that were cut for time purposes and points to expand on:

Interactivity on the server "map": Panning, zooming, placing markers that players can follow. This would actually play more into co-op vs the AI players than to player vs player.

iPad UI. It works ok in 2x on the iPad, but I would want to make something where the bigger screen makes sense. Like for example that players on the iPad would be bigger, slower ships that can see further.

Player health, not 1 hit death.

Some form of game objectives other than just killing whatever you see over and over again.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Please note that this is a project and what you see in the video is not actually part of the Snowflake product range till date.