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Video: Hackday project QR tag reader for multitouch software Snowflake Suite

Here at NUITEQ we stimulate innovation and creative thinking. We allow our software engineers to spend 10% of their time working on their own ideas. This does not have to be related to Snowflake, multitouch technology or Natural User Interfaces, which is what NUITEQ is all about. I'm really a true believer of this freedom and flexibility as it allows the brilliant minds of these ridiculously talented people, to make their own thoughts a reality, opposed to only working on product related projects or customer development projects.

As we believe in inspiring and stimulating creative thinking, we want to start sharing some of the videos of the hackday projects our software engineers have developed.

The rules are simple:

- It has to be a rough crude prototype, so it doesn't have to be flawless working finished end product
- Spend max 2 work days on the project
- Create a short 2-3 min video of the project to showcase the work (This shouldn't be a Hollywood movie award winning final cut pro perfect video, it should just simply do the job of showing what the project does. Creating the video shouldn't take the same time as developing the actual hackday project)
- Make sure to have fun and learn something new

Below you find a video of Munir, explaining the QR tag reader hackday project he created based on the Snowflake platform.

Snowflake Suite hackday project by Munir - QR tag reader from multitouch software on Vimeo.

This concept could be used in car showrooms to for example change the looks of rims, tires, car colour or interior of a car, by using physical world QR tags, optionally in combination with multitouch technology. Essentially all the user has to do, is hold a tag in front of the camera and the software will adapt to the changes, based on the tag.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


Please note that this is a project and what you see in the video is not actually part of the Snowflake product range till date.