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Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.3 released, including graphical revamp

We're happy to let you know that we launched the 36th release of multitouch software Snowflake Suite, version 3.3.

Existing customers and partners can upgrade cost free.


If you use any custom content, make sure to have a backup and don’t overwrite your custom content while updating.

You can download the complete version of Snowflake here.

Previous Snowflake Suite release notes / change logs, can be found here.

Order your license of Snowflake online here now and get started with the industry leading multitouch software immediately.

Find the complete change log / release notes below:

- Added support for QT 4.8.4 for enhanced performance and stability
- Added setting to not loop videos by default in Media Viewer
- Added more clip art in Draw
- Added setting for spacing between icons in sliding menu
- Added showing Snowflake edition to License Info in Snowflake License Activation
- Added example points of interest in Google Maps
- Added new graphics (Tracer, Bugs, Untangle, PDF Viewer, Media Viewer, Slider, Draw on Video, Wong, 3D Viewer, Alien Raiders, Connledge, Drums, Flow, Guestbook, Puzzle, Spacetube, Tap, main menu app icons)
- Added support for two backgrounds in Airhockey
- Added option to start Hotspot dialogs positioned by their hotspots rather than in the center
- Added app name text size settable in GlobalMenu.xml for grid menu, sliding menu and tile menu
- Added option to make text under icon color settable in Draw on Video
- Improved Visuals in Connledge, Hotspot, Main menu and Flow
- Improved Wong: Remove loser text by default, only show winner (can still be added back as option)
- Improved Pong: Remove loser text by default, only show winner (can still be added back as option)
- Improved Curling: Remove loser text by default, only show winner (can still be added back as option)
- Improved Media Viewer: Keeping content on canvas works better when background is locked
- Improved 3D Viewer: Automatically skips menu if there is only one model
- Improved Curling: Stones can no longer get stuck under menu
- Fixed shape creation in Gravitoy
- Fixed A rare crash when exiting Flow
- Fixed Potential crash in Puzzle and Media Viewer with high amount of video content
- Fixed Crash in Froggy when conflicting options were selected in settings
- General bug fixes and performance enhancements

To see the screenshots of the new graphics, you can have a look at our Facebook here.

If you prefer the previous app icons, don't worry, we have included those as well for you.

Your feedback is what fuels our passion to further develop Snowflake. We would love to hear from you want you think of this latest release.

Kind regards,