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Multitouch software Snowflake ABC 1.1 for kids released (K-12)


End of March we released a completely new multitouch software product called Snowflake ABC. Kids have short attention spans and Snowflake ABC addresses this issue in education, by making learning more fun, engaging and memorable.


As said, its a completely new product, however it has been developed on the reliable Snowflake platform, which has been developed for over 6 years (25+ years of development) and is endorsed worldwide for its stability, quality and performance.

So to use a reference to the car industry, we have built a completely new car which looks different and new from the outside, but under the hood, there is still that same high performance and reliable engine that gives the user its smooth experience.


We at NUITEQ are very committed when it comes to developing and improving our products. The same counts for Snowflake ABC, which is why we have set a goal for ourselves to offer our customers and partners a new version of this exciting new product every 4-5 weeks. This will give users new applications as well as fresh new content, since content should always be evolving, especially when it comes to education.

Multitouch software Snowflake ABC for kids (K-12) from multitouch software on Vimeo.

For this 1.1 release we have focused a lot of efforts on the backend, whereas for version 1.2 which is expected to be released in June, there will be a lot of focus on adding more content.

Below you find the changes:

- Added checkbox for enabling saving in Draw in Configuration Editor
- Added support for sounds in Animals, Bugs, Untangle and Spelling
- Added translation definitions to translationinfo.xml
- Added more rounds to Maths
- Added checkbox in Configuration Editor for enabling/disabling emailing
- Added tile graphic in corner menu
- Added position history for color picker
- Improved the scrolling bar interaction in Draw
- Improved layout in Math
- Improved interaction design in Presenter, Unidraggable, Gravitoy, Numbers, Planetarium, Math bugs and Math apps
- Improved Geography by randomizing flags per round
- Improved spawning of flowers in Spelling
- Fixed missing icon from menu
- Fixed minor glitch in Numbers when snapping numbers in position
- Fixed minor glitch when flipping certain apps 180 degrees
- Fixed minor glitch in Math
- Fixed minor bug with Unidraggable
- Fixed minor bug in Math Bugs
- Fixed minor bug in Gravitoy when drawing
- Fixed minor bug with undo in Draw
- Fixed bug in Untangle that solved puzzles easily
- Fixed layout with Spelling after game restart
- Fixed in Draw that color palette can not be dragged off the canvas
- Fixed several layouts in portrait mode for Draw, Einstein, Organs, Bones, Ring drop, Clock, Unidraggable, Math bugs
- Fixed some Math collisions
- Updated Spelling help screen
- General bug fixes and performance enhancements

As always, we very much appreciate your feedback, as this fuels our passion to further develop our product.

Download your free trial version of Snowflake ABC here.