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Multitouch software Snowflake Suite version 3.2 released - 35th release


NUITEQ launched the 35th release of multitouch software Snowflake Suite, version 3.2.

Check out the video below to see how we feel about it.

We've mainly been executing a lot of backend work in order to improve the performance even further. Additionally we have improved a significant amount of small visual elements, for that extra smooth experience.

Existing customers and partners can upgrade cost free.

If you use any custom content, make sure to have a backup and don’t overwrite your custom content while updating.

You can download the complete version of Snowflake here.

Previous Snowflake Suite release notes / change logs, can be found here.

Order your license of Snowflake online here now and get started with the industry leading multitouch software immediately.

Find the complete change log / release notes below:

Version 3.2 2013/03/13

- Added interaction to circular rotating menu


You can now spin this menu around and interact with it, just like with the other menu layouts, such as grid, tile and the horizontal sliding menu (see corner menu).

- Added option in Configuration Editor to sort content by file name in Media Viewer
As per popular request from several of our partners.

- Added option in Configuration Editor to set tile menu tile backgrounds
- Added setting in Configuration Editor for controlling points played in Air Hockey
- Added setting in Configuration Editor for controlling points played in Pong
- Added setting in Configuration Editor for controlling points played in Wong
- Added immediate visual response when pressing hotspots in Hotspot
- Added feature to automatically close nodes in connledge to avoid cluttering the surface
- Added clearer visuals to Connledge nodes
- Improved control over canvas in Draw
- Improved UI design in Multitouch Browser
- Improved UI design Google Maps
- Improved UI design in Media Viewer
- Improved layout in Slot Machine
- Improved content handling in Connledge for handling large amounts of content
- Improved the way the Configuration Editor handles menu files that have been edited by the user
- Fixed small graphical glitches when running Snowflake flipped 180 degrees
- Fixed an issue with horizontal scrolling in PDF Viewer
- Fixed a positioning problem with grid menu in portrait orientation
- Fixed problem with some video puzzles
- Now using Ubuntu 12.04 as the Linux compatibility version
- General bug fixes and performance enhancements

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Custom development projects
Did you know that for almost 6 years, we have been developing custom multitouch software development projects, based on the Snowflake platform for Windows, as well as Mac and Linux?

Does your company have a interactive project that it needs assistance on? Let us know and we'll gladly help you out. Examples of our projects, can be found here.