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Snowflake Suite multitouch software for airports, reception areas etc. A closer look.

Yesterday we blogged here about the multitouch solution that we installed at Skellefteå Airport.

Obviously this solution can also be used in reception areas, corporate lounges, tourist information desks etc.

In this blogpost, we will have a closer look at some of the functionalities of that solution.

It is a custom developed multitouch software product, which is based on the Snowflake platform.

For inquiries, please contact us at mail@nuiteq.com.

skellefteå airport multitouch
Check local events, news, flight arrival and departure times, local time and weather forecast as well as weather forecast for other destinations. Multiple languages support for accessibility for foreign travellers.

skellefteå airport saik multitouch
Play a Skellefteå AIK branded air hockey game with 2 or more players.

hotels skellefteå
Learn more about local hotels and offerings on accommodation in the region via the multitouch browser.

sas multitouch
Easily access travel information about taxi's, busses as well as airlines, with a swipe of your finger.

Check where planes are currently flying throughout the world with Flightradar24, which is a module integrated into Snowflake.

google maps skellefteå
Check out some of the tourist attraction points in the city, such as hotels, restaurants, museums etcetera. Learn what the city or a region has to offer using the integrated Google maps functionality.

Visit local company websites, via the multitouch web browser to learn more about the businesses in the region.

The Media Viewer module supports content such as videos, photos and PDF brochures to highlight what kind of activities there are happening in the region.

pdf snowflake
Support for PDF files is integrated, highlighting the exciting activities that are taking place in this area.

multitouch media viewer
Explore photos, videos and files with the Media Viewer.

hotspot snowflake
Via the Hotspot Destinations application, visitors can see which destinations are accessible from Skellefteå.

In March we will post a video of this solution.