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Multitouch software Snowflake Suite at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam (pictures)

Its been a busy few weeks with NUITEQ having visited CES in Las Vegas mid January, ISE in Amsterdam end of January and BETT in London end of January/early February.

We ran into many customers and partners that were using multitouch software Snowflake Suite on their multitouch displays, to showcase the capabilities of their technology in combination with our award-winning software platform.

Below I'm sharing a couple of the pictures taken at ISE in Amsterdam.

multitouch software Snowflake Suite
Multitouch table from NUITEQ's partner Zytronic with Snowflake

multitouch software Snowflake Suite
Snowflake Suite running on the MuliTaction displays from Multitouch Ltd from Finland

PQ Labs with Snowflake
NUITEQ's partner PQ Labs had a great looking stand running the Windows 8 themed version of Snowflake

multitouch software Snowflake with ELO
Touch pioneer ELO running the game Bugs, which is part of Snowflake

pressure sensitive flatfrog display with Snowflake
For our partner Flatfrog we developed a custom pressure sensitive multitouch application, based on the Snowflake platform, to showcase the capabilities of their unique pressure sensitivity feature.

nec multitouch snowflake suite
Gorgeous NEC multitouch display running a NEC custom branded version of Snowflake Suite

multitouch software Snowflake ABC with Sahara
NUITEQ's partner Sahara Presentation Systems used Snowflake ABC, a multitouch software solution for lower education to highlight how impactful multitouch will be for the educational sector.

Interested to use multitouch software Snowflake Suite at an event or exhibition to showcase the capabilities of your products? Contact us at mail@nuiteq.com

For more photos, have a look at our facebook page.