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NUITEQ's multitouch software solutions including Snowflake Suite come with dedicated and timely support


NUITEQ's multitouch software Snowflake Suite is known for its quality, performance, stability and high level of customisability.

In addition to those cornerstones, we at NUITEQ thrive on providing our customers and partners with ridiculously dedicated and timely support. Having a good product is one thing, but providing that extra bit of service to give our customers that wow experience is everything to us.

In November our average customer first response time was 66 minutes. We believe that it is very important that when customers, partners and potential customers and partners have questions about our products, that they receive a timely response.

I want to share a testimonial from a Snowflake user, that I received by email just a few days ago, to give you a bit of insight into how our support is perceived:

"Just want to say your reaction times, customer service and support has been impeccable.

One of the best customer service experiences I have had in a long time. Credit to yourself and your employees as to get a cohesive team is a challenge.

I am also aware by the times emails are sent and follow ups that you are working as a dedicated and focused team.

Just thought I would pop a quick email to you from a customers perspective.

Very impressed."

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