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ISE: Multitouch sphere from MediaScreen running NUITEQ's image processing software TouchCore

Our German friends from MediaScreen are present at ISE in Amsterdam on the NEC booth, to showcase their multitouch sphere product.

The system which runs on a NEC projector and advanced camera optics, is being driven by NUITEQ's image processing software TouchCore. TouchCore is essentially processing and "translating" camera images into touch interactions, allowing for people to walk up to the sphere and interact with it.

MediaScreen offers a basic CMS system for content management and they also created the front end interface, which looks beautiful in my opinion.

The picture quality looks really crisp as you can see in the video below.

Credits for the video go to rAVe (http://www.youtube.com/user/ravepubs)

Typical usage scenarios can obviously be airports to inform visitors in a unique way. At the same time this can be used in airline lounges as well as museums both for entertainment as well as education. Another possible usage scenario is the defence industry.

Great job Sebastian.