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NUITEQ sponsored athlete Lena Hellqvist becomes worlds second best

Lena showing off her silver medal and her sponsor gear

As a sponsor NUITEQ is very proud that Lena "Ferocious Swede" Hellqvist won silver in San Diego at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Worlds NoGi, last weekend.

For months she has been preparing for an MMA fight that was supposed to take place around the same time, but unfortunately her fight was canceled, which is always a big disappointment for such dedicated athletes. Athletes like Lena are preparing for a fight months in advance, both mentally and physically, training every day, sticking to their diets and weight control to make sure they make the right weight at the weigh-ins.

Then at the very last moment hearing that the moment you have been waiting for months (the fight), has been canceled, is like a kid waiting weeks looking forward to halloween and then the afternoon before the trick and treat, you're being told, there won't be any candy this year.

Picking yourself up to get back into the gym and staying focused is a big hurdle, which makes this silver plaque, even so much more impressive.

Turns out that there was some candy left anyway and a very big bag full of it.


We decided to start sponsoring Lena earlier in 2012, as we thought she had great potential and its exciting to see this potential is demonstrating itself in such great results.

We think she has done an amazing job. Becoming the number two in the world is a great achievement. A big congrats from the NUITEQ team goes out to her.

We're excited to continue sponsoring Lena throughout 2013 as she continues to take the world by storm.

Follow Lena on Twitter @ferociousswede