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Interactive virtual dress room solution based on Snowflake platform for retail in-store usage in Mexico

PINKETT / Interactive Virtual Dress Room from Intus on Vimeo.


Together with our Mexican partner Intus, we delivered a custom developed multitouch solution, based on the Snowflake platform, to the brand Pinkett.

This in-store solution that is used in a shopping mall in Mexico City functions as a virtual dressing room, that attracts customers to the store and allows them to navigate through content that Pinkett has to offer.


The interactive multitouch solution, allows a customer to walk up to the touch screen and let them take a picture of themselves, via the custom built photo capturing module in Snowflake. Accordingly they can drag and drop and place clothing on the picture, zoom in and out and pan the clothing, to see how it will look on them, without actually having to try the clothing on. This saves the customer time and at the same time its a fun and memorable experience.

A visitor is leaving her contact details to stay up to date on the latest Pinkett information, such as product information, news etc.

The built in PDF Viewer gives visitors the ability to quickly navigate through the store assortment, with a flick of a finger.

During the opening last weekend, the new solution attracted many visitors to the store.

Visitors can even use the solution as a way finding tool in the shopping mall as well as a utility to visit Facebook.

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