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Autodesk integrated multitouch support in their software solution(s)

Looks like momentum is continuing to pick up for multitouch technology.
Now Autodesk has support in their software for multitouch devices it seems.

NUITEQ recently delivered a custom multitouch software solution to a renowned architect design firm in collaboration with one of the worlds largest construction companies, based on one of the Autodesk software platforms.

Essentially we delivered a light weight layer that functions as a plug-in to Autodesk Revit, which allows architects, designers and engineers to work on architectural designs, using intuitive hand gesture movements.

It was one of my favourite projects as we thought it was just a matter of time that Autodesk would make multitouch a part of their software solution(s).

Its very exciting to see that it actually happened.

Learn more about Autodesk Mudbox 2013 with multitouch gesture support here.

We shot a quick and dirty video of the solution that we developed to make Autodesk Revit multitouch enabled, down below.

Of course, instead of using a 3 finger movement to zoom in and out, one can choose to use the pinch gesture to zoom in/out.