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Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.1 (the 33rd version) released - Download it now

We're happy to let you know that we have released multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.1 (the 33rd version).

This release is of course compatible with Microsofts newly launched operating system Windows 8.


Existing customers and partners can upgrade cost free.

Image: Snowflake Suite Ultimate with over 30 applications

Check out the previous blogpost with screenshots about the Snowflake Suite 3.1 preview here.

You can update with ease, using the Auto Updater that comes pre-installed with Snowflake (Windows and Mac only). If you use any custom content, make sure to have a backup and don’t overwrite your custom content while updating.

Alternatively you can download the complete version of Snowflake here.

Previous Snowflake Suite release notes / change logs, can be found here.

Image: Multitouch software Snowflake Suite version 3.1 comes with its own Modern UI inspired menu layout

Order your license of Snowflake online here and get started immediately.

Find the complete change log / release notes below:

- Added Modern UI / Windows 8 inspired menu layout
- Added swipe support and page indicators to the grid menu
- Added support for exiting Snowflake via password
- Added setting to disable the PDF sidebar
- Added .wmv support in Puzzle
- Added .wmv support for background and screensaver videos
- Added default settings for apps
- Added asynchronous loading option in Hotspot for faster content loading
- Added option to use up to 4 main corner menus (same as in applications)
- Added more features to the SDK
- Added more settings to Configuration Editor
- Improved PDF support, faster loading and better support for more modern PDF features that result in more PDFs displaying properly
- Improved Configuration Editor menu and applications UI
- Improved stability in Gravitoy
- Improved stability and video format support for entire framework
- Improved interaction design in annotation layer
- Improved filtering in Hotspot
- Improved SDK documentation
- Fixed bug in Tracer
- Fixed an issue with videos containing broken audio channels
- Fixed an issue in 3D Viewer (collada objects with no material)
- Fixed an issue with launching external applications
- Fixed an issue with starting some apps windowed
- Fixed all reported bugs in the SDK
- Removed Quicktime requirement
- General fixes and improvements to the main framework
- Upgraded to QT 4.8.2 from 4.7.4 for the Mac versions to fix a few crashes in the multitouch browser and improved performance for Google Maps
- Trimmed size of Mac OS X installer