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Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.0.2 update released, update cost free now


We launched the 32nd release of interactive multitouch software Snowflake Suite, version update 3.0.2.

Existing customers and Partner can update cost free.

Here’s whats new:

Version 3.0.2 - 2012/08/03

- Added Mac OS X Mountain Lion support (Apple's new operating system was released last week and Snowflake is already compatible now)

- Added support to create labels in Hotspot

- Added a "Clear filters" button in Hotspot

- Added support for a solid white background in the annotation layer (ideal if you don't want to make annotations on a specific application or media content, but if you just want to use it as a pure whiteboard application)

- Added a button for '-' and '_' to the keyboard layouts (sorry guys, don't know how we could have missed this one earlier :) )

- Added more advanced configuration options to the annotation layer (edit config.cfg) (Disable/Enable e-mailing, Disable/Enable Save, Disable/Enable Load, Flip left/right) (just in case you want to remove for example the emailing function)

- Added a "Loading.." message in the Snowflake Auto Updater (improved interaction design)

- Added support for adding markers in Google Maps (now you can highlight for examples restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions points etc on any location)

- Improved the scroll bar interaction in PDF Viewer (this is to avoid that when people lean on a horizontal interactive touchscreen, that they accidentally interact with the software)

- Improved the trial/evaluation version, to be less obscuring when evaluating (reduced some annoyances, so that its easier for people to evaluate the software and experience the benefits of Snowflake better)

- Updated Software Developer Kit (SDK)

- Fixed bugs with unicode in Curling

- Fixed initial sorting bugs in Media Viewer

- Fixed crash in Hotspot

Updating is a matter of seconds. You can update with ease, using the Auto Updater that comes pre-installed with Snowflake. If you use any custom content, make sure to have a backup and don’t overwrite your custom content while updating.

Previous Snowflake Suite release notes / change logs, can be found here.

Alternatively you can download the complete version here.

Have a great weekend, on behalf of the entire NUITEQ crew.

PS: Don't forget, you can download Snowflake Remote for free from the Apple App Store. It allows you to control Snowflake on a distance with your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, like a remote, ideal for product presentations and for usage in corporate board rooms.