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C++ (Snowflake) outperforms Adobe based products

Snowflake Suite is developed in C++.

There are alternative solutions available in the industry that are based on Adobe products like Flash, Air and Flex.

I've always been a firm believer of C++ because of its robustness, stability and performance in comparison to Adobe based products.

Yes Adobe based products are great in a way that if you want to develop an application quickly, you can relatively easily do this with Adobe. The downside being that such solutions are often, if not always very resource demanding.

And looking at the benefit of developing an app "quickly", our team has been developing customer applications based on the Snowflake platform for over 5 years, so they develop apps also time efficiently in C++.

Having said that, most of our customers run our software in high foot traffic environments where the software has to run stable and high performance over a longer period of time (24/7 and for months in a row). This opposed to some scenarios where its ok to run a slow performance application for a short period of time or in situations where it is even "ok" to have to restart the software. On example can be to wow a customer at an event/exhibition.

An excellent example of this comparison is the fact that we developed an application for a customer of ours in Latin America. They had previously developed their own app in Flash. They were not at all satisfied with the performance, so they appointed us to build this application from the ground up using the Snowflake platform, which is as mentioned above, based on C++.

Here are some of their comments after we showed our C++ version to them:

"The preview that you send me is amazing. It is working pretty well and smooth. It is really much better than the Adobe Flash Interfaces!!!!!"

"I’m really impressed with this first release"

"I would like to congratulate you for your job."

"Everybody is pretty impressed with the smoothness of the movements and the improvement from our flash versions!!!!!"

"Thank you, and I'm really happy to work with you and your team!!!!"

Greetings from a happy customer