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NUITEQ® appoints Office Trondheim as its partner in Norway to offer its multitouch software Snowflake and custom development services

Skellefteå, Sweden / Trondheim, Norway – NUITEQ®, the award winning multitouch software technology company, announced that it has appointed Office Trondheim as its partner in Norway to jointly start offering its combined multitouch solutions.

Office Trondheim offers Snowflake Suite and NUITEQ's custom multitouch software development services to its wide and diverse customer base bundled with their multitouch display solutions.

Office Trondheim is a provider of audiovisual solutions, video conferencing, multi-function solutions and network and data solutions in addition to services.

Office Trondheim customers include Rockheim, The Norwegian Mapping Authority and the municipality of Ørland.

The NUITEQ and Office Trondheim combined multitouch solutions are deployed on several locations throughout Norway, including Rockheim, Norway's national museum of pop and rock.

"We have successfully been working with Office Trondheim for several years now. We are delighted that they have now officially joined our Global Partner Network. We are looking forward to expand both our businesses by working more closely together.", says NUITEQ's Business Development Manager, Alex Landoni.

"We are sure that multitouch technology is the future for us and our customers. It is therefore important to have an easy to use and reliable interactive software platform. We see the partnership with NUITEQ as part of offering our customers the best platform for their multitouch products.", says Atle Daaland, Product and Support Manager. "As a partner of NUITEQ we will be able to offer customers in Norway, both the technology and equipment necessary to have the best possible solution. Together with our consultants and technicians on audiovisual solutions, we provide both installation and operational support."

Snowflake is used worldwide in over 50 countries in a wide variety of industries including Public Spaces, Education, Entertainment, Exhibition/Events, Real Estate, Museums, Retail -stores and shop windows, Interactive advertisement, Digital signage and other market verticals and segments.

About Office Trondheim
Office Trondheim is a provider of audiovisual solutions, video conferencing, multi-function solutions and network and data solutions in addition to services.

Its team consist of skilled professionals in all core areas. They are helping to create the best possible solution for its partners and customers

In their new offices, they have created two demo rooms where they show opportunities and solutions for multi-touch products, meeting rooms, information systems/digital signage, video conferencing, etc.

Office Trondheim has consultants that are specialized in finding solutions that can meet all of the customers' needs.

For more information, visit: www.officetrondheim.no

NUITEQ is a Red Herring 100 Global award-winning Swedish multi-touch software technology and solutions company.

The company was awarded the 10th Most Promising Tech Startup in the World by Guidewire Group.

Its multitouch software product Snowflake Suite, that comes pre-installed with over 30 apps, is globally well known for its high level of performance and stability as well as its ease to customize content.

NUITEQ's vision is to improve the way people interact with technology, by creating rich engaging user interface experiences.

Visit http://www.nuiteq.com and http://www.snowflakesuite.com for more information.