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Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.0 photos available (actual release later this month)


We're happy to let you know that the photos of multitouch software @SnowflakeSuite 3.0 are available now.

You can find them on our Facebook page here.

Feel free to use them for your marketing material such as brochures, website, blog etc.

The actual Snowflake Suite 3.0 release will be available later this month.

If you have any questions in the meanwhile, let us know here.

About Snowflake Suite
Snowflake Suite is the worlds first multitouch software suite and has been developed for over 5 years.
The product is globally well known for its high performance, stability, quality and high level of customizability.
Its used by companies in over 50 countries around the globe in market verticals ranging from entertainment and education to retail and digital signage.
Snowflake comes with 30+ apps including creativity, productivity and presentation tools as well as entertaining games.
The free Snowflake SDK allows software developers to create their own multitouch software applications on top the robust and flexible Snowflake framework.