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NUITEQ® launches its 30th release Snowflake Suite version 3.0 in five hot new flavors; Developer, Lite, Entertainment, Presentation and Ultimate

Develop your own apps with the free SDK

Deploy your apps commercially based on the Snowflake framework

Entertain and promote your company brand to your target group

Engage audiences with corporate and product presentation tools

Attract, engage, convince. Full featured with all 35 apps

Skellefteå, Sweden – May 29, 2012 – NUITEQ®, the award winning multitouch software technology company, announced today that is has reached an important milestone with the launch of the 30th release of its interactive multitouch software product Snowflake Suite.

The new release, Snowflake Suite version 3.0, offers a wide range of new powerful applications as well as useful new features.

One of the major new overhauls is the fact that Snowflake Suite now comes in five different editions and price categories, namely Developer, Lite, Entertainment, Presentation and Ultimate.

This offers customers and partners even more flexibility when choosing which multitouch applications fits the best with their needs.

The Snowflake Developer Edition is cost free. This multitouch software development kit (SDK) platform, helps developers to get started cost efficiently.

The Snowflake Lite Edition is essentially the Snowflake framework with no apps.

Lite licenses are used when software developers are deploying their own with the Snowflake Developer Edition developed apps commercially.

The Entertainment Edition can be used at events and exhibitions to attract people to company booths or it can be used in retail outlets to entertain children while their parents shop.

The Presentation Edition is a great set of tools for project and product presentations at events or corporate conference rooms.

Capture, attract, engage, convince, present, create, entertain, print, email, annotate, this is what the Ultimate Edition does.
This Ultimate Edition is fully featured with all 35 apps, including presentation, creativity and productivity tools, as well as games.

Users can customize the entire look and feel of all these multitouch software editions,
simply by replacing default digital media content like backgrounds, videos, images, PDF brochures,
3d models etc with their own.

Snowflake Suite 3.0 is now also compatible with Linux Ubuntu (64-bit) 11.10, in addition to Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion.

An industry first feature is the fact that the suite comes out of the box with 14 languages including English, Swedish, Dutch, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese and Korean.

Also the onscreen keyboards inside Snowflake came in addition to English, pre-installed with Arabic, Korean and Russian layouts. Users can even add their own language layout if they want to use for example Greek characters.

"We have customers in over 50 different countries around the world, so it is important for us to support those companies and countries as best as we can. This is why we had such a strong focus on supporting so many different languages for this 3.0 release.", said NUITEQ's CEO Harry van der Veen.

In addition to the above features, also a new application has been added to the Ultimate Edition called Guest Book. This application is ideal for events and exhibitions to store information from booth visitors for future followups. Companies can with ease compose their own list of questions for visitors to answer.

The Media Viewer which supports videos, images, PDF brochures and MP3 files, now offers the possibility for users to select the content that they are interested in and email it on the fly. There is no longer a need for brochures at exhibition stands, reducing printing costs and improving companies' environmental footprint. Potential customers will receive product information instantly, which leaves a memorable impression of a company's brand.

Snowflake is already known for its great performance, however the bar was raised even further. The video performance of the Media Viewer has been improved immensely.

NUITEQ's Head of Research and Development Johan Larsson adds: "We switched the video library as we envisioned more flexibility for our customers. An added advantage of doing so, is that with the new library, we can make use of more efficient techniques to decode video as well as using hardware video decoding capabilities of graphic cards to push even more video data faster." Johan continues: "On a relatively modest system by today's standards (Core 2 Quad Q8400, GeForce GTX 275), we saw an increase in the amount of video data that could be pushed by a factor of 5-10."

Existing customers and partners can cost free upgrade their Snowflake Suite licenses to the Snowflake Suite Ultimate version.

A free trial version of Snowflake Suite can be downloaded from www.snowflakesuite.com

NUITEQ is a Red Herring 100 Global award-winning Swedish multitouch software technology and solutions company.

The company was awarded the 10th Most Promising Tech Startup in the World by Guidewire Group.

Its multitouch software product Snowflake Suite, that comes pre-installed with over 30 apps, is globally well known for its high level of performance, quality and stability as well as its ease to customize content.

NUITEQ's vision is to improve the way people interact with technology, by creating rich engaging user interface experiences.

Visit www.nuiteq.com and www.snowflakesuite.com for more information.