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Multitouch software Snowflake Suite 3.0 release notes / change log

Below you find the release notes / change log of the 3.0 version of Snowflake Suite, NUITEQ's multitouch software product, which got released yesterday.

Version 3.0 - 2012/05/29

- Added Linux support (Ubuntu 64-bit) (beta)
- Added avi, mpg and wmv video support
- Added out of the box languages for English, Swedish, Dutch, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Greek, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese and Korean
- Added new application Curling
- Added new application Guest Book
- Added tab in Configuration Editor for Guest Book to customize forms
- Added email support to Media Viewer
- Added translation support to Configuration Editor
- Added PDF support to Hotspot (both as background and in the info dialogs)
- Added settings to disable pan/zoom in Hotspot
- Added translation & customization support to keyboard layouts
- Added Arabic, Korean and Russian keyboard layouts in addition to English
- Added launching of external applications on Mac
- Added support to disable Windows screensaver
- Added proxy support to Browser/GMaps
- Added new licensing for Lite, Developer, Entertainment, Presentation and Ultimate Editions
- Improved video performance
- Improved translation support
- Fixed an issue with animated sprites
- Fixed an issue with grid menu layout
- Fixed playing videos in correct video aspect ratio for Draw on Video
- Fixed an issue with "DefaultApplicationAspectRatio" setting
- Updated graphics
- Updated SDK documentation on wiki.nuiteq.com
- General bug fixes and performance improvements

Existing NUITEQ Partners and Customers can upgrade their Snowflake license cost free to the Ultimate Edition.

If you already have Snowflake 2.3 or a previous version installed on your system, just run the Auto Updater that comes pre installed with Snowflake to easily and cost free upgrade to the latest Ultimate Edition. Make sure to not overwrite any custom content that you might have.

You can download Snowflake here.

If you have any feedback on Snowflake, then we would love to hear from you. We see it as a great opportunity to improve the product. You can contact us here.