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Snowflake Suite 3.0 preview (release in April) - You can pre-order now at the current price

The most advanced multitouch software suite ever created, just raised the bar even further.

We at NUITEQ are excited to share a preview of what you can expect in Snowflake Suite 3.0, including new powerful ROI tools as well as mind blowing performance increases.

Snowflake Suite 3.0 will be released in April and is currently being beta tested internally as well as with a select group of external beta testers.

The changes include:
- Added Linux support (Ubuntu 64-bit) 11.10
- Added email support to Media Viewer
- Added new application Guest Book
- Added new application Curling
- Added translation support to Configuration Editor
- Added translation & customization support to keyboard layouts
- Added support to disable Windows screensaver
- Added proxy support to Browser/GMaps
- Improved video performance
- Improved translation support
- Fixed an issue with animated sprites
- Fixed an issue with grid menu layout
- Fixed an issue with "DefaultApplicationAspectRatio" setting
- Updated graphics
- General bug fixes and performance improvements

Below I'll highlight some of the new applications and features that are listed above. Please note that these are beta screenshots, so final graphics might differ.

Added Linux support (Ubuntu 64-bit)


Snowflake Suite is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Lion.
We have been working with a lot of dedication to ensure that Snowflake Suite is now also compatible with Linux (Ubuntu 64-bit).

Snowflake Suite is in addition to being the first multitouch software suite ever launched, now the only suite that is compatible with Linux, an industry first.

Added email support to Media Viewer


Upon popular request from our customers and partners, we now integrated a solution that allows users to email content from the Media Viewer.

This solution is ideal for events and exhibitions for companies to engage more effectively with their customers and leads.
E-mail product information on the fly, so that customers and leads immediately receive product info that they are interested in. This way you will leave a memorable impression.

Added new application Guest Book


This solution is also ideal for usage at events and exhibition. Increase qualified leads and easily store their information for future followups. Its the lead generation tool.

Added translation support to Configuration Editor


Its mind boggling how easy it is now to change texts in Snowflake. You can more easily add your own texts in for example Russian, Arabic, Spanish or Portuguese, whichever language you prefer.


This feature is also an industry first.

Added translation & customization support to keyboard layouts


As we work with customers and partners in over 50 countries around the world, we added the feature to use the onscreen keyboard in the language of their preference with their specific characters.

You can simply specify in the Configuration Editor that comes preinstalled with Snowflake, if you want to have Arabic characters or Russian or whichever other characters you wish to use.

This will automatically be applied to all the onscreen keyboards in Snowflake, from the multitouch browser to high scores lists in games.

Improved video performance


Snowflake Suite is very well known globally for its customizable content, quality, stability and performance, however we have raised the bar even further till mind-blowing proportions when it comes to the performance.

Johan Larsson, NUITEQ's Head of Research and Development mentions:
"We decided to stop using QuickTime for videos due to that it isn't as flexible as we wanted it to be. An added advantage of doing so is also that for the new library that we have moved to for 3.0 we can make use of more efficient techniques to decode video as well as using hardware video decoding capabilities of graphics cards to push even more video data faster.

On a relatively modest system by today's standards (Core 2 Quad Q8400, GeForce GTX 275) we saw an increase in the amount of video data that could be pushed by a factor of 5-10."

This is hands down the fastest performing video solution available. We encourage you to test it out yourself and even compare it with alternative solutions.

Using full HD 1080p videos:
189 fps when playing 2 videos
99 fps when playing 5 videos

Using SD videos:
120fps when playing 10 videos

You will notice a performance gap the size of the Grand Canyon comparing this solution with an Adobe based multitouch software solution that is created in Flex, Air or Flash.

Added new application Curling

As the Swedish Women Team (with people from Skellefteå) won silver in the World Championships Curling last week, we thought it would be cool to add a fun to play curling inspired game.


Its actually one of my favorite games in the suite, I love it.
Whenever we have people over in our office for meetings, a requirement is to first play this game before we start the meeting.

Pre-order Snowflake Suite 3.0 to benefit from the existing price
With the launch of Snowflake Suite 3.0 we will introduce a price increase for non partners. You now have the opportunity to pre-order Snowflake Suite 3.0 at the current price and upgrade cost free to that version once it is released.


For more info about Snowflake Suite, visit http://nuiteq.com/multitouchsoftware.php