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Awesome Snowflake Explorer Theme by NUITEQ's Partner Interactive Box (no programming required)


The above picture shows the standard off the shelf look and feel of Snowflake Suite. A key benefit of Snowflake is that you can completely customize the entire look and feel of the software to fit your own needs and creativity, simply by exchanging videos, pictures, backgrounds, logos, text, font types, 3d models, brochures etc.

NUITEQ's Partner Interactive Box shows you below how flexible Snowflake is when it comes to customizable content.

They created an awesome Snowflake Explorer Theme for Snowflake Suite, with no programming required.

Interactive Box is an expert in developing custom Snowflake front-ends / skins / templates.

The below video shows the theme in action on a NEC V4222 Multi-touch Public Display.

For more info on Interactive Box their multi-touch products and services, please visit www.interactivebox.it or call them on 00 39 0 40 8333 436