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Video: Snowflake Suite uniquely customized template (no programming required)

This is what Snowflake Suite, NUITEQ's multi-touch software platform looks like by default:


Now have a look at the beautiful Dark Side themed design that NUITEQ's Italian Partner Interactive Box created, simply by replacing the default content (no programming required):

Main menu with all the applications inside Snowflake

Even the corner menu has its own look and feel

Awesome window framing

Circular menu, ideal for table top solutions, as its readable from all angles


Snowflake has been developed for over 4 years and is very well known for its stability and high performance.
At the same time, one of its unique benefits is the high level of customizability, this is the true power of Snowflake.
You can completely change the entire look and feel of the software, simply by changing content such as backgrounds, logos, videos, PDF brochures and 3d models.

Check out the video below:

Interactive Box specializes in creating unique customized template designs for Snowflake.

You can contact them here.

Also check out the blogpost that I created previously, showcasing another customized template of Snowflake that Interactive Box created.