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Snowflake Suite 2.1 released now! Download your copy from www.nuiteq.com


I'm happy to let you know, that we released version 2.1 of Snowflake Suite, our award-winning multi-touch software platform.

You can download your copy of Snowflake for Windows 7 here.
Download your copy of Snowflake for the Mac (Lion and Snowleopard) here.

As we have integrated translation support in Snowflake, we included new unicode updates.
This means that we recommend you to make a clean 2.1 installation and not use the Auto Updater function to update from your version to 2.1 as you might encounter update issues.

So the easiest way, is to uninstall your existing version of Snowflake and then install Snowflake 2.1.

In the meanwhile we will work on improving the Auto Updater support for future versions.

Thank you for your understanding.

Let us know here, if you need any help, or fill out the NUITEQ contact form here.