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Snowflake is awesome...But don't take our word for it - Customer testimonial

We think that Snowflake is awesome...But don't take our word for it. See what one of our customers has to say about it:


Charles Aquilina
Kordin, Paola
"Our objective is to create multi-touch systems for the masses, so we tested many multi-touch software solutions. After intensive research we concluded that Snowflake is the best multi-touch software solution that is available in the market. We tested software on a wide range of hardware configurations and Snowflake passed all tests with flying colors. Snowflake is higher performance in comparison to other multi-touch software solutions, as it responses faster to touches and gestures. It has a friendly user interface and even customizing the entire look and feel of the suite is easy. It has all the features one expects from a multi-touch environment."

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