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NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite multi-touch software platform version upgrade 2.1 soon to be launched

Version 2.1 of NUITEQ's award-winning multi-touch software platform Snowflake Suite will be launched in the upcoming days.

However already now I want to share with you whats so awesome about this new and upcoming 2.1 version.

The main items are:
Added a global annotation layer


You can now annotate on top of every application/content inside Snowflake (whiteboard style), from 3d models to websites and from brochures to images. You can even save your annotations.

Added Alien Raiders game


Added this cool multi-user game to Snowflake. Shoot Aliens that raid the galaxy.
Of course like with every other application in Snowflake, you can fully customize the entire look and feel, simply by changing the content such as backgrounds and graphics.

Added an option in the Configuration Editor to change fonts

Not happy with the standard font in Snowflake? You can now change it to whatever font you want. Easy as that.

Added font drop shadows for better contrast

Even-though you are changing the default background into your own, application text in the main menu will always have great contrast because of the font drop shadow effects, so that it always offers great readability.

Added a completely new and improved version of Connledge


The new improved Connledge is a zoomable content library, which now even supports images and videos. Simply replace the default content with your own.

Added full translation support to the applications

Image: In the top left you see the languages Russian, Greek and Arabic under the icons

We now support characters for every language in the world, from Korean to Chinese, from Greek to Arabic and beyond. Now you can run Snowflake in your prefered language, simply by changing texts yourself in the Configuration Editor.

Added a button to mute sound sound in Snowflake
Simply turn on or off the audio in Snowflake via the mute button in the corner menu. You can even disable this feature in the Configuration Editor if you want to prevent that users use this option.

Additional items include:

- Added support for dealing with applications using the TUIO port automatically
- Added a text tab to the Configuration Editor
- Added a setting to ignore touch events when Snowflake is not active
- Added inactivity timeout and color settings to Bugs
- Added a corner menu button in Draw to open the help screen
- Added possibility for SF apps to launch other SF apps (via SDK)
- Added possibility to send a keyboard event when Snowflake goes inactive
- Fixed issues with non-english characters during registration
- Fixed a crash issue with 3D Viewer
- Fixed issues with looping screensaver and background videos
- Fixed an issue with input batching on certain hardware
- Fixed an issue with portrait mode in PDF Viewer
- Fixed Flow menu structure setup
- Fixed fade animation in Flow
- Fixed layout issues in some dialogs in OS X
- Fixed bugs in Configuration Editor
- Improved interaction with the address bar in Browser
- Improved performance on OS X Lion


If you have already installed Snowflake Suite 2.0 or a later version on your system, you can simply update to the latest 2.1 version by using the Auto Updater that comes pre-installed with Snowflake.

If you have any questions or feedback about Snowflake, please let us know here.

If you haven’t already installed Snowflake before, you can download a free evaluation version here.