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Snowflake Suite has been leading the multi-touch software industry for years and it gets better by the day

3 years ago, In October 2008, NUITEQ launched the first version of Snowflake Suite, which by then had already been developed for over a year.

The award-winning off the shelf multi-touch software product throughout all these years has been undergoing major improvements and additions, to ensure that it remained the number #1 multi-touch software solution in the world.

Of course lately more and more companies are coming up with their own software solutions as they see the massive value that Snowflake offers, so its great to see that Snowflake inspires other companies, which will help validate the industry.

With key unique benefits such as quality, performance, stability, customizability, ease of use and ridiculously dedicated support, NUITEQ will continue to strive to give customers and partners the best possible solution available.

Thank you for making this possible.

Below you find the entire history of improvements and additions since its initial launch of version 1.0:

Snowflake Suite Changelog

Version 2.0.7 - 2011/09/21

Added translation support to Map
Added possibility to specify map tile dimensions in Map
Added translation support to Tap
Added a different grid layout to the PDF Viewer menu
Fixed issue with the sliding menu when its y position is changed
Fixed issue in Registration with certain characters
Fixed issue in PDF Viewer when closing the app while a PDF is still loading
Fixed PDF loading on Mac
Fixed PDF pageflip animation on Mac
Fixed custom icon support in Slider
Fixed extension support in Media Viewer (now works with mixed upper and lower case)
Fixed corner menu icon being flipped in Browser

Version 2.0.6 - 2011/09/09

Fixed the MinSize & MaxSize settings in Media Viewer
Fixed issue with sorting applications in the Configuration Editor
Fixed an issue with the corner menus in Qt based applications
Fixed minor issues with the PDF Viewer slider
Fixed issue with the logging folder on Mac
Fixed an issue with the shaders in 3D Viewer on Mac
Added settings for the menu bar in Browser
Added settings for default font to Config.cfg

Version 2.0.5 - 2011/09/02

Added 180 degrees rotation support to all application corner menus
Added a setting to Media Viewer to use blocking loading
Added more customization support for text in AirHockey
Added sounds to AirHockey
Fixed issues with applications being upside down
Fixed audio noise issue when a sample is played the first time
Fixed chord support in Piano
Fixed low bandwidth mode for better 3G support with Snowflake Remote
General bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 2.0.4 - 2011/08/17

Added VisualPlanet TrueTwoTouch TUIO senders
Added OSX Lion support
Fixed issues in general resource handling
Fixed stability issues in Media Viewer
Fixed minor UI issues
General code optimizations
Added back CMU driver to TouchCore installer

Version 2.0.3 - 2011/07/11

Added more Browser settings
Added a limit to the amount and the size of the log files
Fixed various hard coded paths in the applications
Fixed general optimizations in the applications
Fixed issue with running applications in exclusive mode
Fixed memory leak in Puzzle when using videos
Fixed a crash issue with receiving empty TUIO messages
Fixed issues when running Draw and DrawOnVideo in windowed mode
Fixed using external applications
Fixed using submenus
Fixed a crash issue in PDF Viewer
Increased the max size of the keyboard in Browser

Version 2.0.2 - 2011/07/06

Added settable colors in DrawOnVideo
Added settable text in PDF Viewer and Media viewer
Added settable text when loading applications
Added .mp4 video support to Puzzle
Added smoother thumbnail loading in Media Viewer
Added support for using specific images as thumbnails in Media Viewer
Added a better message when OSC fails to bind the socket
Added a setting to specify the Browser menu bar colors
Added a message if the screen saver fails to play (codec issue)
Added initial support for unicode in Snowflake
Fixed web page centering
Fixed corner menu default setting in Configuration Editor
Fixed so that mouse control is enabled by default on Mac
Fixed issue with config variables that contained ':'
Fixed various minor issues in Configuration Editor
Fixed Configuration Editor UI for Mac
Fixed an issue where Snowflake took a long time to exit
Fixed a hard coded path issue in PDF Viewer
Fixed rendering issues in Connledge

Version 2.0.1 - 2011/07/01

Added Connledge, Draw and Stacks to trial
Fixed that Snowflake doesn't start over registration dialog, if on Windows UAC is set at the default value
Fixed videos on Mac making it work "out of the box" without additional codecs, avoiding white screens when screensaver is loaded
Fixed error message with Snowflake Registration on Mac
Fixed in the Configuration Editor that apps are not added to the excluded apps list when clicked on Default in Corner menu tab
Fixed duplicate app entries in the Configuration Editor
Fixed issue with showing unregistered trial version when starting Snowflake the first time after registering

Version 2.0.0 - 2011/06/30

Added Multi-touch Browser application
Added Mac support
Added Snowflake Remote iPad application integration (free download on iTunes)
Added 180 degree interface flip functionality
Added auto updater
Added folder support in Media Viewer
Added content sorting in Media Viewer
Added a new Snowflake core based on the Qt framework
Added a new menu type for placing icons freely
Added a completely new graphical style
Added more customizability options
Added more settings for visual quality control (VSync, AntiAliasing)
Added a mini map to the PDF Viewer
Added more loading info messages
Added drop shadow to most of the text
Added a check during Snowflake startup to see if the computer meets the requirements
Added more logging messages
Added new clip art images to Draw
Added support to have videos as menu icons
Added support for playing audio when launching an app
Added support for playing background audio
Added animation support to Bugs
Added MP3 file support in Media Viewer
Fixed various memory leaks
Fixed handling PDF to be more stable
Fixed aspect ratio issue in PDF Viewer
Fixed so that content is automatically loaded when there is just one item or folder
Fixed a lot of code optimization across the entire Snowflake Suite
Fixed a bug in Slider where content could disappear
Fixed graphics positions in CardCollect
Fixed some issues with font handling
Fixed rendering speed, is now faster performing
Fixed the Configuration Editor with new settings
Fixed TUIO handling, faster performance
Improved the general visual quality
Complete new SDK based on Snowflake Suite 2.0
General bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 1.9.4 - 2011/03/25

Added CardCollect application
Added proxy support to the registration application
Added application settings to Configuration Editor
Added simple color picker to Draw (can be switched via config setting)
Added support to use background images in Draw
Added clip art functionality to Draw
Added setting to specify save directory in Draw
Added printing support to Draw
Added support for having videos as menu icons
Added support to play a wav sound when applications are started
Added setting to Viewer to specify if the background should be interactable or not
Added support to play an .ogg music file as background audio
Added support to try to start apps even if render textures are not supported by gfx card
Added support for hierarchical menus (menus opening other menus)
Added setting to enable/disable screen saver audio
Added setting to Configuration Editor to enable/disable USB copying in Viewer
Added more debug logs to TouchCore
Added more debug logs to PDF loading
Added setting for page flip sensitivity in PDF Viewer
Added setting to Flow to enable/disable menu structure
Added separate settings for Rotating/Grid/Sliding menus in GlobalMenu.xml
Fixed issue with W7 status bar when running in windowed mode
Fixed issue with setting PDF DPI in Viewer
Fixed issue with W7 window positioning
Fixed portrait mode issues in various applications
General fixes and tweaks

Version 1.9.3 - 2010/12/17

Added Windows 7 WM_TOUCH events support to TouchCore
Added mouse support in Windows 7 version (press 'M' on keyboard)
Added support for automatic switch between Snowflake and mouse driver (TouchCore)
Added 3D models
Added new graphics to Tap
Added case sensitivity to Connledge
Fixed a crash issue when audio drivers haven't been installed
Changed the corner menus to toggle mode
Improved the loading time for unicode fonts
Improved support for portrait mode
Improved PDF Viewer interaction (zoom gesture instead of double tap)
Improved interaction in 3D Viewer
Improved Configuration Editor
Reduced Map loading time
General bug fixes and improvements

Version - 2010/10/18

Fixed an issue with a console window popping up in Media Viewer
Fixed support for PDF files with whitespaces
Fixed a focus issue when starting Snowflake Suite Windows 7 in startup
Fixed support for portrait mode
Fixed support for variable filetype extension capitalization
Fixed general PDF stability and performance issues
Fixed interaction for PDF items in Media Viewer
Fixed a TouchCore issue where detected blobs would stay detected even when located outside of the camera crop
Added support for caching PDF pages in Media and PDF Viewers
Added support for PtGrey 2.1 drivers
Added support for OpenCV 2.1
Added SlotMachine application to VisualPlanet version

Version 1.9.2 - 2010/09/06

Added a complete new Map exploration app
Added functionality to copy files from the Media Viewer to a USB storage device
Added ability to start external executables from the menu (support Microsoft Touch Pack applications and external Flash files)
Added usability information to the registration dialog
Added support for several pages in the grid menu
Added video support in Puzzle
Added support for rotatable and zoom-able PDF's in the Media Viewer
Added support for PDF file name titling in the Media Viewer
New application menu icons and background (the old ones can be found in the "bin/data/Icons/Old Application Icons" folder)
Fixed so that videos in the Media Viewer are showing a frame in the middle of the video
Fixed support for print screen in Windows 7
General graphical updates
General performance enhancements
General bug fixes

Version 1.9.1 - 2010/05/14

Added the GUI Snowflake Suite Configuration Editor
Added Froggy application
Added DrawOnVideo application
Added stylus support for N-trig and Wacom platforms
Added a top level menu for switching menu styles (rotating, sliding, grid)
Added a grid to the TouchCore crop calibration step for easier crop setups
Added downscale option for TouchCore camera streams
Added max allowed number of inputs for TouchCore
Added minimum and maximum blob size restriction for TouchCore
Added an optional "Exit Snowflake Suite" button in the top level menu
General graphical updates
General performance enhancements
General bug fixes

Version 1.9 - 2010/03/15

Added Piano application
Added support for PtGrey FlyCapture drivers, supporting PtGrey USB and FireWire cameras
Added an info message when Snowflake runs below 5 frames per second
Updated Connledge application
Updated the Windows icons
Total remake of Draw
Made Sandbox, Stacks, Slider and PDF Viewer into separate applications
Fixed sliding menu interactions on certain hardware
Fixed support for corner menu in exclusive applications
General bug fixes
General speed improvements
General graphics updates

Version 1.8.1 - 2010/01/22

Added Tracer application
Added initial support for PtGrey camera drivers
Added an information message when Snowflake detects low performance
Improved fullscren application render quality
Improved the Special Effects performance
Fixed a crash issue with thin camera crops
Fixed a memory leak issue in 3D Viewer
Fixed an issue with the Puzzle "Randomize" button
General fixes and optimizations

Version 1.8 - 2009/12/18

Windows 7 support
Snowflake C++ SDK (beta) (Software Development Kit)
Support for additional multi-touch hardware technology platforms
Support for PtGrey camera drivers
New application (alpha) - Connledge, a multi-touch wiki browser
New application - Drums, a multi-touch drum simulation
New application - Slot Machine, a multi-touch slot machine casino game concept
Re-introduced Pong
Enhanced Airhockey with 4 player support
New menu system
New application icons
Greatly improved and more flexible PDF support
Improved licensing system, making it easier and more flexible to license Snowflake (fine tuned for mass OEM integration)
Made the Snowflake Suite manuals more accessible and up to date via our Wiki instead of PDFs
Improved the 3D Viewer with new 3d models, support for COLLADA and improved render quality
Particles optimization
General tweaks and bug fixing

Version 1.7 - 2009/10/23

Fixed camera crash issues
Fixed stuck blobs issue
Made the trial version continous instead of closing after 5 minutes
Made it possible to save calibration configs for all users
General bug fixes
General performance improvements
Updated general graphics
Improved the calibration procedure
Improved general application menus
Applications are now started maximized
Added fade in/out when launching applications
Added 'loading' message when launching applications
Added new application Snowdoku
Added license generation for machines without firewire or NextWindow devices
Added support for showing videos when pressing 'Help' in the calibration
Extensive logging of cameras
Added a delay to the corner menu activation
Added corner menu animations
Added a merge effect to Bugs
Added a mouse control application to TouchCore release

Version 1.6.2 - 2009/09/01

Fixed an issue with calibrating for global inputs
Updated calibration/log path, to reflect on company name change (Europe AB -> Technologies AB)
Fixed issues with installing third-party tools required for running Snowflake
Added video of the new logo into the Media Viewer
Added support for screensaver
Added a reset button in the point-to-point calibration

Version 1.6.1 - 2009/08/21

Fixed an issue when setting the crop, caused by a flipped offset in some camera models
Fixed less aggressive adaptive background calculation
Fixed an issue when using an odd amount of columns and even amount of rows in the point-to-point calibration
Fixed an issue when using background capture with light evening activated
General tracker optimizations

Version 1.6 - 2009/08/10

Added a new multi-touch puzzle application
Replaced Camera orientation, Barrel distortion (checkerboard), and Corner input mapping steps with a point-to-point calibration in TouchCore calibration
True multi camera support (3, 4 and more cameras)
Flash components and instruction videos
Multiple NextWindow screens support (connect unlimited number of NextWindow screens together)
License machine info printer
Flash LocalConnection and added it to NextWindowOSC
Screensaver with option to close applications
Light evening (to under catch uneven light with DI setups) (making masking unnecessary)
Settable osc output framerate for TouchCore
Camera FPS settable in calibration
New input markers
F1 Version numbering
F2 Rendering FPS counter
Camera/tracker FPS counter
Global input mapping (when cropping projected image)
Open PDF in Adobe reader functionality implementation
Error message when a user tries to enter calibration mode without TouchCore having found any cameras
Improved general interaction design of the calibration module
Render textures saving
Graphics for the calibration module
General graphics
Camera crop
Filters to work with light evening
Tracker optimization (60 FPS)
Special Effects applications
Improved installer procedure
Transferring IDs between cameras when finger moves between cameras issue resolved
Fixed a minor license dialog issue
Support for PT Grey Dragonfly camera
Fixed several issues with crashes caused by the CMU camera interface
Fixed problem with video audio being too low
Stretching issues in 3D Viewer
Overlap dual camera transferring finger ID issue

Version 1.5 - 2009/05/06

Added application Tap
Added a new calibration step for setting camera brightness, gain etcetera
Added a direction marker to Viewer, for easier navigation
Added double-tap support to Viewer, to quickly maximize an image
Added model auto-scaling to the 3D Viewer
Added usage descriptions to applications Bugs, Wong, Stacks
Added support for setting a maximum amount of active applications
Added back button to the Slider application
Added initial version of a simplified calibration procedure, settable through the main Config
Added creation of crash reports
Added asynchronous loading of models in 3D Viewer
Improved TouchCore stability and performance
Improved the calibration procedure
Improved the graphics for the Particles menu
Fixed so that the NextWindow TUIO sender goes back to sending mouse events upon exit
Fixed a problem occurring when setting the render area wrongly in TouchCore calibration
Fixed so that input markers are always shown inside the TouchCore calibration procedure
Fixed a problem with Slider sometimes freezing the computer because of content overload
Fixed a crash problem when trying to run Snowflake using an old graphics card without support for render textures (now it shows an error message instead)
Fixed a crash problem with Flow
Increased the default application size
Made it easier to grab the paddles in Airhockey

Version 1.4 - 2009/04/03

Renamed PDFViewer to Slider and added image viewing capability
Updated general graphics
Updated Viewer application graphics
Updated Slider application graphics
Updated manual for increased read-ability
Updated 3D Viewer folder structure for easier model adding
Improved "exclusive" application loading (double-click .nui files)
Added a menu to select content folder for Slider, supports PDF and image files
Added direct-to-Flash TUIO to standard releases
Added support to launch applications maximized
Added support to have corner-menus in each corner, settable through the main Config
Fixed a crash when loading Slider without any content
Fixed a bug with the license check caused by data overflow
Fixed a crash in calibration
Fixed problems with background when used with different aspect ratios

Version 1.3 - 2009/03/06

Improved calibration process
Made it easier to draw the image mask
Fixed an offset issue when drawing the image mask
Added support for flipping the camera image horizontally and vertically
Added support for invert filter for front DI setups
Added license request dialog
Added support for direct-to-Flash TUIO messages
New applications:
PDF Viewer
Fixed a crash problem regarding erroneous values received from a CMU/FW camera
Fixed a "fail to read config" error
Bug fixes

Version 1.2 - 2009/01/30

Improved calibration process
Optimized tracking engine
Added support for NextWindow screens
Added support for Vista and XP 64bit
Added threaded resource loading
Added help text to the calibration process
Added support for NextWindow devices
Bug fixes
Performance tweaks

Version 1.1 - 2008/12/01

Improved calibration process
Enhanced graphical theme
New applications
3D Viewer
Sandbox & Stacks
Bug fixes
Performance tweaks

Version 1.0 - 2008/10/01

Initial release