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Probably the worlds best multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite just got even better. Update 2.0.7 released.

NUITEQ has released the Snowflake Suite 2.0.7 version update

Changes include:

- Added translation support to Map
- Added possibility to specify map tile dimensions in Map
- Added translation support to Tap
- Added a different grid layout to the PDF Viewer menu
- Fixed issue with the sliding menu when its y position is changed
- Fixed issue in Registration with certain characters
- Fixed issue in PDF Viewer when closing the app while a PDF is still loading
- Fixed PDF loading on Mac
- Fixed PDF pageflip animation on Mac
- Fixed video support in Slider
- Fixed custom icon support in Slider
- Fixed extension support in Media Viewer (now works with mixed upper and lower case)
- Fixed corner menu icon being flipped in Browser

If you have already installed Snowflake Suite 2.0 or a later version on your system, you can simply update to the latest 2.0.7 version by using the Auto Updater that comes pre-installed with Snowflake.

If you have any questions or feedback about Snowflake, please let us know here.

To learn more about the changes we have made to Snowflake throughout the years, check the Change Log on the NUITEQ Support Wiki here.

If you haven’t already installed Snowflake before, you can download a free evaluation version here.