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Snowflake Suite used by Toyota in car showrooms across Greece

NUITEQ's Greek Partner iDiA delivered several multi-touch hardware solutions bundled with a customized version of NUITEQ's award-winning multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite, to car brand Toyota in Greece.

Potential and existing customers can easily interact with custom branded content, due to Snowflake's high level of customizability.

Snowflake Suite is endorsed all around the world for its stability and performance. iDiA leveraged another top benefit of Snowflake, namely the high level of customizability, by easily replacing the content in Snowflake, to create this unique Toyota branded solution. The best part of the entire project is that iDiA was able to deliver this solution without requiring any programming / software development skills.

"NUITEQ is a very professional and innovative company to deal and co-operate with. Their software is truly amazing and NUITEQ's team/people have a bright mind and are always positive. We have used Snowflake Suite for many projects with customized content to suit our customers' needs. It's so easy to customize Snowflake and we are especially impressed with their quick response to our questions and their dedication to reaching every deadline!"
Nikos Kontos CEO iDiA (Greece)