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Snowflake for Blackberry and COMCEL by Interactos Media in Colombia

Colombia based Interactos Media, created a big format replica of the 9300 BB model, integrating the design and product of the outer box as well as the technical integration.

The video below shows the product that Interactos Media created for BlackBerry and the subsidiary of America Movil in Colombia (COMCEL).

The software content is based on NUITEQ's award-winning multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite, which allowed for the perfect match of content and exciting interactive applications that let the final user go through an enriched experience of the brand and product benefits.

The great aspect of it all is that this uniquely customized branded look and feel was created for BlackBerry with no programming skills required, as the content such as backgrounds, images, logos, videos and pdf files can easily be integrated.

Several of these systems are now on tour around the most important super markets in Bogota, Colombia.

Get your free trial version of Snowflake here now.