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NUITEQ® and Skyluft enter into a Partnership to distribute Snowflake in Ecuador


NUITEQ® and Skyluft enter into a Partnership to distribute Snowflake in Ecuador

Skellefteå, Sweden/Quito, Ecuador – 6 September 2011– NUITEQ®, the award winning multi-touch software technology company, announced today that Skyluft has entered its Global Partner Network.

Skyluft, an Ecuadorian provider of interactive technologies will OEM bundle NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite multi-touch software with its interactive solutions.

Skyluft's client portfolio includes brands such as Blackberry, Claro, Movistar, Kraft, Marathon Sports, DirecTV, Confiteca, Goodyear, Ecuador Government, Quito Municipality, Coca Codo Sinclair Hydroelectric Power Plant and others.

Skyluft offers visual and interactive experiences building suited customized solutions, offering Interactive / Multitouch screens, tables, bars and windows from sizes 22" to 100", Interactive Floors and walls, Virtual Reality solutions, Advergames, Gaming Simulators, Augmented reality and visual animation, Aerial advertising and sky cameras.

The Quito based interactive technologies provider is offering its solutions to the marketing, sales, government, museums, retail, oil and power and tourism market.

"By using new technology, we are challenging ourselves to find innovative solutions for communication. Our multitouch solutions are highly demanded regarding the versatility of our bundled systems including customized Snowflake Suite inside. The great performance and stability of the Snowflake platform and the great support from NUITEQ gives us the confidence to deliver our costumers, without a doubt, the best product worldwide.", says Skyluft's CEO, Roberto Mendizábal.
"We are very excited to work with the Skyluft team in the Ecuadorian market, as they have the expertise that is required to successfully deliver interactive multitouch solutions.", says NUITEQ's CEO Harry van der Veen. "Customized versions of Snowflake are already successfully bundled with Skyluft's interactive hardware and deployed in multiple public spaces in Ecuador, in amongst others retail environments and government buildings. We are keen to further roll out our combined products in the region."

Snowflake is the industry leading multitouch software solution that is used worldwide in over 45 countries in a wide variety of industries including Public Spaces, Education, Entertainment, Exhibition/Events, Real Estate, Museums, Retail -stores and shop windows, Interactive advertisement, Digital signage and other market verticals and segments.

About Skyluft
Skyluft is the pioneer in Ecuador offering interactive and aerial solutions, being the first company offering experience solutions to the government. Their vision is to improve comunication ways through technology, creating and integrating best user interface visual experiences with the latest technological gadgets.

Visit www.skyluft.com for more information (launching new website soon).

NUITEQ is a 2010 Red Herring 100 Global award-winning Swedish multitouch technology company, that offers advanced multitouch software and hardware solutions.

Late 2010, the company was awarded the 10th Most Promising Tech Startup in the World by Guidewire Group.

NUITEQ's vision is to improve the way people interact with technology, by creating rich engaging user interface experiences.

Visit www.nuiteq.com for more information.