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Video: NUITEQ's multitouch software Snowflake running on a large scale multi laser interactive projection Q-screen from isiQiri

Check the video below of NUITEQ's Snowflake Suite multi-touch software running on isiQiri's multi-user multi-input laser-interactive projection screen, which is a Q-Screen brand.

Up to four users can interact with the Q-Screen simultanously from any angle and distance with the Q-Pointer, a special laser input device designed by isiQiri. isiQiri is a market leader in large-format man-machine interaction.

You will notice that the guys are standing close to the screen, but they could be 50m away and still control the interaction. I personally think this is an awesome USP. In addition you'll notice the use of two lasers pointers to simulate gestures.

If you're going to visit Infocomm in Florida this week, make sure to visit booth number 2575 to see the launch of the Q-Screen.