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Snowflake 2.0 change log available now!

NUITEQ's award-winning multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite version 2.0 will be launched tomorrow, but in the meanwhile we want to share with you already now what we have added and improved since version 1.9.4.

Added Multi-touch Browser application
Added Mac support
Added Snowflake Remote iPad application integration (free download on iTunes)
Added 180 degree interface flip functionality
Added auto updater
Added folder support in Media Viewer
Added content sorting in Media Viewer
Added a new Snowflake core based on the Qt framework
Added a new menu type for placing icons freely
Added a completely new graphical style
Added more customizability options
Added more settings for visual quality control (VSync, AntiAliasing)
Added a mini map to the PDF Viewer
Added more loading info messages
Added drop shadow to most of the text
Added a check during Snowflake startup to see if the computer meets the requirements
Added more logging messages
Added new clip art images to Draw
Added support to have videos as menu icons
Added support for playing audio when launching an app
Added support for playing background audio
Added animation support to Bugs
Added MP3 file support in Media Viewer
Fixed various memory leaks
Fixed handling PDF to be more stable
Fixed aspect ratio issue in PDF Viewer
Fixed so that content is automatically loaded when there is just one item or folder
Fixed a lot of code optimization across the entire Snowflake Suite
Fixed a bug in Slider where content could disappear
Fixed graphics positions in CardCollect
Fixed some issues with font handling
Fixed rendering speed, is now faster performing
Fixed the Configuration Editor with new settings
Fixed TUIO handling, faster performance
Improved the general visual quality
Complete new SDK based on Snowflake Suite 2.0
General bug fixes and performance improvements

To learn more about all the changes we have made to Snowflake through the years, you can have a look at the full change log on the NUITEQ Support Wiki here.

PS: Today is the last day that you can purchase Snowflake at a 200 EUR lower rate than tomorrow. You can purchase your Snowflake license with credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) or with Paypal in the NUITQ online store here.

If you prefer payments through bank wire transfer, contact us here or open up a chat with one click of your mouse, in the lower right corner of this website, where one of our colleagues will assist you.