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Putting Snowflake through the grinder and coming out beautifully - By NUITEQ's CTO Mikael Bauer


Image: NUITEQ's CTO Mikael Bauer

Here at NUITEQ our mission is to offer the best multi-touch software in the world.
Our partners share that same passion, which is why we always work very closely with them, to improve the product.

The three top benefits of our software that we take the greatest pride in:

- Stability
- Performance
- Customizability

Many of our Partners and customers have high demands when it comes to the stability of a multi-touch software. For example Snowflake is used in high traffic public environments like entertainment parks, busy airports and crowded retail environments. Such public spaces need a rock solid stable multi-touch software solution that does not crash, in those cases companies turn to NUITEQ.

- After creating the first internal beta release of Snowflake, we internally went through the software from top to bottom from an user perspective, noting down anything we ran into and started integrating the results of that report
- In parallel several of our close Partners went through the internal beta version to report any feedback, which was accordingly integrated
- Based on the integration of some of our own feedback and the feedback of our Partners, we created a second internal beta version that was sent out to several Partners to receive any followup feedback
- After having ironed out the items we ran into during our internal tests and the tests by our Partners, we started to really stress test the software with auto tests that ran non stop over-exaggerating interactions that normally wouldn't occur, but by trying to find issues that way and solving them it would ensure rock solidness
- In addition to the auto tests, we ran C++ code analysis checks to remove any minor inefficienties to fine polish the last pieces, putting the icing on the cake

The result being, that the worlds best multi-touch software just got even better.

We will however continue to strive and explore new ways to test to ensure that Snowflake continues to raise the bar when it comes to stability and performance.

We have developed Snowflake in C++, to be able to squeeze out as much performance as possible in order to create smooth and responsive applications. A Business Development Manager from a globally well known multi-touch hardware manufacturer told us that there are a couple of great looking multi-touch software solutions out there, but when they are loaded onto their system, the performance is bad. NUITEQ however is offering the fast performance their customers are looking for.

This is a great testimonial in our pursuit to continue to build the best performing multi-touch software out there.

One of Snowflake's main benefits is the fact that the entire look and feel of the software can easily be changed in your own or your customers branded solution, simply by changing images, backgrounds, colors, words, pdf files, 3d models, audio, movies etc.

To learn more on how to customize Snowflake, check this blogpost about the Snowflake Suite Configuration Editor.

QT framework


For months we have worked on completely rebuilding our framework of Snowflake, so that it would be fully QT based, allowing software developers to be more flexible and letting you even more easily create your own multi-touch software applications with the new Snowflake 2.0 SDK.

In addition to the example tutorials that we will offer you with the new Snowflake 2.0 SDK, in the upcoming weeks we will dedicate video tutorials and blog posts to how to create your own multi-touch software applications, using the Snowflake 2.0 SDK.

Download the NUITEQ 10 Benefits brochure here, to learn more about the benefits that Snowflake and NUITEQ offer.

Thank you
A big "thank you", goes out to all the people that have been involved in testing and providing feedback on Snowflake 2.0 beta.
Thanks for your time, energy, feedback and kind encouraging words.

Special thanks go out to:
Mr. Homam Alghorani from Innovation Now in Malaysia
Mr. Lahmar from Interactive Box in Italy
Mr. Roberto Mendizabal from Skyluft in Ecuador
Mr. KJ Kim from AVA Vision in Korea
Mr. Anup Tapadia from TouchMagix in India
Mr. Jonathan Chee from NUITEQ Asia in Singapore
Mr. Kristoffer Lindgren from Zenton in Sweden
Mr. Michel Lantz from Concept Solutions in Sweden