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NUITEQ® launches major version upgrade with the release of Snowflake Suite 2.0, its award-winning multi-touch software product

30 June 2011

NUITEQ® launches major version upgrade with the release of Snowflake Suite 2.0, its award-winning multi-touch software product

Skellefteå, Sweden, June 30, 2011 - NUITEQ®, the award-winning multi-touch software technology
company, today announced the launch of version upgrade 2.0 of its industry leading muli-touch software product Snowflake Suite.

The new version release is the most in depth version upgrade NUITEQ has released in over four years.

The new 2.0 release comes delivered with a much requested multi-touch browser, allowing users to zoom in/out, pan around and tune into details on websites simply by using iPhone alike finger gestures.
The multi-touch browser comes with an on-screen keyboard, supports e-mail, chat and popular websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Youtube and other Flash based content websites.

Additionally Snowflake is now compatible with Apple's Mac operating system, offering System Integrators that prefer Apple's operating system over Windows, the opportunity to use small form factor Mac minis.

Furthermore NUITEQ developed a cost free Apple iOS application named Snowflake Remote, which allows users to utilize their iPad, iPhone or iPod as a remote input device.
Snowflake Remote can be downloaded from iTunes completely for free.

A 180 degree interface flip functionality is integrated into Snowflake, giving people that use horizontal multi-user multi-touch systems such as tables, an easy to use solution to work more collaboratively.

For months the software developers at NUITEQ have worked on completely rebuilding the Snowflake framework, making it fully QT based. This allows software developers to be more flexible and time/cost efficient when creating their own multi-touch software applications with the new Snowflake 2.0 SDK.

Other than that, the NUITEQ developers have integrated an auto updating feature, which gives users the capability to easily upgrade Snowflake in the future, without having to unininstall and reinstall complete versions, offering a more user friendly approach. Updating the software when a new release is available will be a matter of a few mouse clicks.

As by popular request of NUITEQ's partners and customers, content such as videos, images, PDF brochures and MP3 audio files can now easily be sorted for better viewability in the Media Viewer.

And the icing on the cake, new graphics have been incorporated to give it that fresh, smooth and professional Snowflake look.

NUITEQ worked closely with its customers and partners during the beta testing process of Snowflake 2.0, to listen to their input, so that crucial feedback was integrated.

Snowflake is known for its customizability, stability and performance, however NUITEQ raised the bar even further with this new 2.0 release, making it probably the fastest performing and most stable multi-touch software product in the world.

"We are extremely excited to offer this amazing new release of Snowflake. The large amount of improvements and changes we have made to this new version, emphasizes our strong focus to continuesly develop the product so it stays in line with the expectations of our partners and customers.", says NUITEQ's CEO Harry van der Veen. "We are also very much looking forward to see what kind of new multi-touch software applications developers will create with our new Snowflake 2.0 SDK."

The Snowflake 2.0 SDK allows software developers to create their own innovative multi-touch software applications on top of the Snowflake platform. The brand new SDK comes with sample applications, tutorials and instructions to assist developers to create their own applications.

Companies that prefer to outsource projects so they can focus on their core business, can access NUITEQ's inhouse multi-touch software development team.

NUITEQ has been specializing in developing customized multi-touch software applications for over four years, which has given the company a deep experience in delivering bespoke user experiences across a wide range of industries.

Snowflake is compatible with Microsofts Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Apple's Mac operating systems.
Snowflake is supported by virtually every multi-touch hardware device in the industry, including platforms such as:
Wacom, PQ Labs, 3M, N-trig (amongst others integrated in HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops), NextWindow, dreaMTouch, Visual Planet and rear camera based systems.

Snowflake is worldwide being used in a wide variety of industries including Public Spaces, Education, Entertainment, Exhibitions/Events, Real Estate, Museums, Retail -stores and shopping windows, Interactive advertisment, Digital signage and other industries.

A free trial version of Snowflake Suite can be downloaded from the NUITEQ website, located at www.nuiteq.com.

NUITEQ is a 2010 Red Herring 100 Global award-winning Swedish multi-touch technology company,
that offers advanced multi-touch software and hardware solutions.

Late 2010, the company was awarded the 10th Most Promising Tech Startup in the World by Guidewire Group.

NUITEQ's vision is to improve the way people interact with technology, by creating rich engaging user interface experiences.

Visit www.nuiteq.com for more information.