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Snowflake Suite Configuration Editor


One of the benefits of NUITEQ's award-winning multitouch software Snowflake is the fact that you can completely change the entire look and feel of the software, to make it look like your own (or your customers) branded solution.

You can change images, backgrounds, logos, text, 3d models, videos, remove applications etc.

To learn more about the 10 Benefits of Snowflake, have a look in the benefits brochure below


Snowflake comes with an easy to use Configuration Editor that allows you to change many settings in the software.
Therefore I wanted to share some screenshots with you, so that you have a better understanding of all the possibilities that the Configuration Editor offers.


In this tab you can amongst others specify which applications inside Snowflake you want to use and don't want to use. If you are using Snowflake for education purposes, you might for example want to exclude casino applications. If you want to use Snowflake for your product presentation purposes, you might want to exclude the games. This is all possible.

You can even create your own application names and specify the default menu layout.

Specify which background you would like to use and which video screensaver

Here you can change different application settings such as:
- Application Window size
- Application Window Aspect
- Number of applications and other features

Do you only need one corner menu in the bottom left corner? In this tab you can easily specify which corner menus you want to have enabled/disabled, depending on if you are using a horizontal or vertical multi-touch installation. If you have deployed a 3 meter high multi-touch wall, why would you have a top right corner menu that people can't reach? Thats what we thought. At the same time, if you are using a large horizontal system, you want to make sure people around the table can easily reach the menu, without having to bend over the screen.


To learn more details about the Configuration Editor, have a look at our Support Wiki here.

If you have any questions about the Configuration Editor, please leave a message on our Support Forum here.


You can purchase Snowflake online here. Or contact NUITEQ here, to learn more about bulk large quantity OEM pricing of Snowflake.

As per version 2.0 of Snowflake (launch in June) the value add, benefits and price of Snowflake will increase. If you purchase now, you can benefit from the existing price and get a free upgrade to 2.0 as soon as its released. Learn more about it here.

You can also have a glimpse at the Snowflake brochure here.

And of course Snowflake wouldn't be Snowflake if we didn't offer you a free evaluation copy, which you can find here.

Do you have any questions that can't wait, regarding Snowflake, NUITEQ or Partnership opportunities, just give us a call or we will call you:


We're looking forward to soon starting working with you, if we aren't already.

We think Snowflake rocks! But don't take our word for it, see what our Partners and Customers have to say about NUITEQ, Snowflake and our Customer Support.

"We've been working with NUITEQ for a few months now on special customer projects and our partnership just became obvious. We've used customized Snowflake contents for many of our customers events and it is the best and most advanced multi-touch suite available on the market: it's reliable, innovative, creative and easy to use. With NUITEQ's multi-touch skills and experience and our hardware/software expertise, I'm sure we will achieve great results. "

Emmanuel Ducros
CEO Arscenique (France)


Video below of Snowflake in action