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Snowflake 2.0 pre release screenshots - What's to come, a massive increase in value


As per popular request, we want to share a few Snowflake 2.0 pre release screenshots.


Snowflake running on the Mac platform.


We've added the feature of sorting content in different ways in the Media Viewer to offer the option to show for example products in an very organized way.


We are especially excited to offer the multi-touch browser, which of course comes with an onscreen keyboard. Visit the webs most popular sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, CNN, Google Maps and many more. Of course completely iPhone interaction style, using two or more finger gestures to zoom in and out of web pages, pan around, focus in on detailed images and text. You can even chat with friends and send e-mails.

Snowflake Suite 2.0 will be launched in June and new features will include:
- A multi-touch browser allowing users to use Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Flash, email and chat
- iOS support for iPad, iPod and iPhone (application is pending Apple approval)
- Mac support
- 180 degrees interface flip (for a more collaborative multi-user environment)
- 3M multi-monitor support (connect multiple 3M multi-touch monitors)
- Auto updating (a complete reinstallation is no longer required, instead the software will automatically check for available upgrades)
- Brand new SDK fully based on QT

Snowflake 2.0 will come with a tremendous valuable increase of features and benefits. New increased pricing will be announced upon launch.

Existing Customers and Partners can upgrade to 2.0 at no cost. To benefit from the current lower price, order your copy of Snowflake now. You can purchase a license in the NUITEQ online store here. Supported payment methods are: Paypal and credit card (Visa, American Express and Mastercard). If you prefer to pay through bank wire transfer, contact us here and we'll assist you accordingly.

You'll receive your license key the same day, if you order before 15H CET (Sweden time) during regular working days.

If your company is interested to partner with NUITEQ and enjoy a wide range of Partner benefits (including current pricing), contact us here.

We're looking forward to start working with you.