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NUITEQ delivers a customized multi-touch experience to Aurorum Science Park in Luleå


Luleå / Skellefteå, Sweden – NUITEQ®, the award winning multi-touch technology company, announced that it has successfully deployed a multi-touch installation at Aurorum Science Park in Luleå, North Sweden.

Aurorum appointed NUITEQ to deliver an unique interactive user experience in the reception area of its most prominent building in its Science Park.

Aurorum Science Park hosts eight buildings where exciting companies and investors have their offices.


Innovation and technology are cornerstones for Aurorum Science Park and NUITEQ was asked to help emphasize those cornerstones, by creating an engaging interactive experience that allows visitors of the Science Park to both find helpful information as well as to be entertained.

NUITEQ installed a vertical 46" dreaMTouch true multi-touch display from its hardware supplying German partner Elektrosil in the lobby of the reception area of its main building.

Additionally NUITEQ developed a customized multi-touch software solution that fits the exact vision of how Aurorum wants to deliver digital content to its visitors.

Games are included, as well as applications that allows visitors to find out more information about companies that are located in the Science Park.

Furthermore NUITEQ developed a multi-touch browser with onscreen keyboard inside Snowflake, which allows people to visit websites, send emails, chat, read news, watch Youtube, use Google etcetera.

Image: Multi-touch browser allowing for usage of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, email and chat (This application will be available in Snowflake 2.0)

Optionally users can find out information about when their next bus arrives at the Science Park, which number to call for a taxi, when their next airplane leaves from Luleå airport and where to find local hotels and restaurants.

On top of that, an application that uses Google Maps was integrated by NUITEQ, which functions as an exploration tool for the city of Luleå and beyond.

Image: Google maps in the multi-touch browser (features an onscreen keyboard)

"We were very excited when Aurorum appointed NUITEQ to create this amazing project for them. This is one of my favorite projects that we have delivered to date, as it clearly shows how NUITEQ's multi-touch technology can add tremendous value to businesses.", said NUITEQ's CEO Harry van der Veen. "Aurorum has a strong vision about innovation and future technology and we believe that with our multi-touch technology it is emphasized that they are one of the leading Science Parks in Sweden when it comes to innovative technology."

"Aurorum Science Park is characterized by innovation technology. When you enter our park you should feel the atmosphere of future. This interactive screen is the first step to present information in a complete new way for visitors and companies in the park. " said Matz Engman, Vice President of Aurorum Science Park.

Image: The vertical 46" 32 touch points dreaMTouch located in the reception area of Aurorum Science Park

About Aurorum
Aurorum Science Park is an international meeting place for successful business. Aurorum works to be Sweden's most attractive environment for starting up and running knowledge-based enterprises. Even though its buildings are at an arctic latitude, and it being the world's most northern Science Park, there is a warm atmosphere for knowledge based companies – many of them global leaders in technological development. Aurorum Science Park has been in existence since 1989, with a score of office buildings and more than 30,000 square metres of office space. Visit www.aurorum.se for more information.

NUITEQ is 2010 Red Herring 100 Global winning Swedish technology company, that offers advanced multi-touch hardware and software solutions.

Late 2010, the company was awarded the 10th most promising tech startup in the world.

Its software product Snowflake Suite, which received a Stevie Awards finalist recognition for Best New Product or Service of the Year 2009 - Media & Entertainment, is available to end clients, software developers, system integrators and OEMs.

NUITEQ's vision is to improve the way people interact with technology, by creating engaging user interface experiences. Visit www.nuiteq.com for more information.

We shot a quick and dirty clip of the project in our office. I apologize for the bad quality, but it gives you an idea of the customized multi-touch software that we delivered.