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Kinect with Snowflake / Poll

Hope you all had a nice Easter and a couple of days off to relax.

In the Summer of 2010, before the Micosoft Kinect was released, we worked on an EU funded project related to touchless interaction / 3d camera depth sensing technology from Canesta (they got later on acquired by Microsoft).

At the time, we thought it was a fun technology, but we thought that it would take a while before this technology would become mainstream outside the living room, namely public spaces. In addition, this technology has some challenges when placed in public spaces, such as changing light conditions, which are heavily influencing the performance of the system.

Lately a few people have started to ask if touchless interaction in combination with Snowflake would be possible.

Touchless interaction is a complete different way of interaction, in comparison with multi-touch when it concerns activating menu's, tapping buttons, executing tasks etc. So in my opinion it is not ideal to use a software that is developed for the purpose of multi-touch, to use it touchless.

However end of the day, customer is king and if many people want to use Snowflake in such a way, we should listen to that.

So I'm very interested to hear if there should be standard support inside Snowflake for the Kinect.

Please fill out the poll here, if you want Kinect support in Snowflake or not.

See a video below from Homam Alghorani, one of our clients from Malaysia, who played a bit around with CCV, Snowflake and OpenNI to accomplish touchless interaction with Kinect.