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Hoppa!!! New Snowflake Suite 1.9.4 version upgrade released today


NUITEQ is as happy as a kid in a candy shop to announce that it has released version upgrade 1.9.4 of its award-winning industry leading multi-touch software product Snowflake Suite.


Image: screenshot of the wide range of applications that come with Snowflake, that are suitable for different usage scenarios such as entertainment, education, events, exhibitions, presentations and others.

I’ll comment below on several of the changes in 1.9.4:

* Added CardCollect application
We developed a multi-user Card Collection casino game for the entertainment industry.


* Added proxy support to the registration application
Some companies and universities are behind proxies. So now we have integrated support to register Snowflake even if you are behind a proxy.


* Added application settings to Configuration Editor
Now you can easily customize application specific settings in the Configuration Editor


* Added simple color picker to Draw
We noticed during our field testing, that some people had difficulties selecting colors in Draw with the previous color picker. So we made it as simple as possible by replacing it with a simple tap select option.

* Added support to use background images in Draw
We had several requests to have background images support in Draw...Ok, 123, done!

* Added clip art functionality to Draw
For people like me that are horrible at drawing, we integrated a clip art functionality so that you can choose your own standard graphics and place them easily on the canvas.


* Added setting to Viewer to specify if the background should be interactable or not
Some people love the interactable background, some don't. So we now give the option to select whichever setting you prefer, which is changeable in the Configuration Editor.

* Added support for having videos as menu icons
* Added support to play a wav sound when applications are started

As by popular request from some of our partners that want to create a more interactive and engaging experience, we added the above two features.

* Added support for hierarchical menus (menus opening other menus)
Also by popular request, now you can organize the menus however you want.

* Added printing support to Draw
We made Draw more fun, because you can now print your creative drawings!

Other changes to Snowflake 1.9.4 include:
* Added setting to specify save directory in Draw
* Added support to play an .ogg music file as background audio
* Added support to try to start apps even if render textures are not supported by gfx card
* Added setting to enable/disable screen saver audio
* Added setting to Config Editor to enable/disable USB copying in Viewer
* Added more debug logs to TouchCore
* Added more debug logs to PDF loading
* Added setting for page flip sensitivity in PDF Viewer
* Added setting to Flow to enable/disable menu structure
* Added separate settings for Rotating/Grid/Sliding menus in GlobalMenu.xml
* Fixed issue with W7 status bar when running in windowed mode
* Fixed issue with setting PDF DPI in Viewer
* Fixed issue with W7 window positioning
* Fixed portrait mode issues in various applications
* Fixed an issue with audio in screen savers during start up
* General fixes and tweaks

For a complete list of all the improvements that we have made to Snowflake in over 2 years, check out the Change log history on our Support Wiki here.

You can download a free evaluation version of Snowflake Suite 1.9.4 here. Check it out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is important to us, in order for us to improve the product and offer you and your clients a better experience.

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You can purchase Snowflake online here.

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